A guide to self pleasuring

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Steps below to help you with becoming more aware, give you extra pleasure when practising your self-love ritual. To help relax your body and mind set aside a time when you will not be interrupted. Control your breathing! Listen and … Continued

Self-love from Self Pleasuring

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Self-love or masturbation, often referred to as self-pleasuring, something most men partake in from time to time. For a lot of us, slowly playing with our genitals with the aim of an orgasm.  Is there more to it you ask … Continued

Receiving a yoni massage

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The masseur once your turn onto you back will raise your head so you can look down at your genitals and up at him. A pillar covered with a towel will be placed under your hips. The knees need to … Continued

What is a yoni massage?

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The Sanskrit word for the vagina is yoni and translated as “Sacred Temple” or “Sacred Space”. The yoni in Tantra is seen as a perspective of respect and love. An important thing for men to learn. Before starting the Yoni … Continued

Re-opening soon!

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I hope you and your families are staying healthy and well? You may be aware that the UK is slowly releasing the lockdown restrictions.  With still along way to go, however good news is around the corner and Male Masseur … Continued

Thai massage for alleviating pain

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Chronic, aching pains often occur due to stagnation and inactivity. Thai massage gives the stimulation the body needs to restore energy circulation, alleviating the pain. Your body is not designed to be sitting for long periods of time in one … Continued

Your Taoist meditation

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Follow the guide to the spiritual methods used in Taoism, one of the major religions of China, and connect with yourself and with the world around you. In Taoism, using the Chi that is drawn into the body through the … Continued

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