One day to go !

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With only one day to go until the new road map allows us to reopen here at Male Masseur in Manchester we are really excited to be opening our doors once again and hopefully for the very last time and … Continued

Male Waxing coming soon

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Like the smooth silky look instead of the beefy hairy look? Coming soon to Male Masseur in Manchester we will be introducing male waxing. Whether it is a full body wax, back and shoulders, legs, chest and abs, back crack … Continued

New for 2021

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Male Masseur in Manchester has been working on some new offerings to introduce in 2021. The opposite of going to a spa why not add Pamper and Bubbles to your massage? Take a shower with your masseur, feel his hands … Continued

Understanding what a Swedish massage is

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When booking a Swedish massage your masseur will use deep circular movements, long strokes, and kneading. By using these techniques, the nerve endings will be stimulated, the blood flow and lymph drainage will be stimulated, and you will feel relaxed. … Continued

How regular should I have a massage?

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I am asked by many clients how often should they book a massage? This can depend on several factors, your mental and physical strength, your levels of stress, your work patterns and budget. A regular massage will help provide you … Continued

Preparing for your first massage

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“What do I need to prepare before my first massage”, this will be a question many people ask themselves.  This and many other questions you may have will be answered in this blog. Choosing the right therapist You need to … Continued