How is Thai Massage used today?

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Many diverse groups of people use Thai massage to enhance their health Dancers use Thai massage to enable them to perform better and reduce injuries Yoga practitioners often use Thai massage because in some cases Yoga postures stiffen a person`s … Continued

Foot Massage

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The feet are very sensitive and responsive parts of the body, as recognised by many complementary therapies such as Shiatsu and Reflexology. Massaging the feet cleanses and energises the internal organs, improves mental and physical performance and has a relaxing … Continued

Leg massages

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Most people take the health of their legs for granted, but they need as much care as the rest of the body. Regular massage ensure they stay strong and toned. We exercise, walk, run, stand and generally live on our … Continued

Face Massage

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Facial massage can ease stress at the same time as helping skin tone. Massaging the face aids with a youthful appearance. The circulation of blood, gives your skin a healthy and much desired glow. It helps to relax facial muscles, … Continued

Oils in massage to use on sore muscles

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Some essential oils that are useful for treating the various types of muscle injury Sore feet – Peppermint, rosemary and lavender Shoulders or arms – Cypress, pine, lemon, chamomile and lavender Sore lower back – Black pepper, rosemary and cypress … Continued

Massage to ease sore muscles

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One of the best way to treat a muscle injury is to apply gentle massage to encourage blood circulation back into the affected area. Massage can stimulate and relax the mind and body by activating the circulatory and lymph systems … Continued

Best oils to use for massage

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Essential oils are too concentrated to be used safely on the skin undiluted and are mixed with a carrier oil before application. Frankincense – is good for mature, dry skin and can promote skin healing to reduce scars Geranium – … Continued

Does a massage hurt?

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A relaxation massage should not cause you pain, a Sports massage applies pressure to certain muscles to relieve tension that has built up, this may require deeper strokes to remove. I will explain what I am doing during the process … Continued

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