A guide to an Erotic/Sensual massage

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On google searching for an erotic/sensual massage and feeling nervous about booking one? You will not be the first to feel like that. Around 75% of men feel nervous before booking their first appointment. This guide is here to help put you at ease.

Never feel embarrassed for making a booking

Do not feel embarrassed about booking your erotic/sensual massage with your masseur, feel free to share any requests you may have, fetishes or desires you may have, nothing will shock your masseur as they will have heard everything before. Want to know what the boundaries are speak with the masseur when booking.

Body hang-ups on your mind?

Most men who seek an erotic/sensual massage tend to be over a certain age, and feel their bodies are past it.  Do not worry if you have a beer belly, man boobs or a hairy back (add a grooming session onto your booking), do not let this stop you as most masseurs will have seen this all before. The erotic/sensual massage come from Ancient Tantra practices which preaches that the body of a male is a temple and is there to be worshipped. Having a physique with ripped muscles and a tan does not make you in anyway superior to anyone else.

A lot of men worry about the size of their manhood

Most of us worry about the size of our manhood thinking we are not big enough down below. A masseur will have seen many different colours, sizes, and shaped manhood’s during his lifetime as a therapist. Tantra teaches us the penis (Lingam) is the part of a male body that is the most sacred, and it is given respect by the masseur. Your masseur is not going to snigger or pay you any less attention if you are on the smaller side!

Do I have to be naked from the start?

Worried about any problems you may have down below?

Some clients are put off by booking an erotic/sensual massage as they may suffer from a poor sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction, or even premature ejaculation. An erotic/sensual massage can overcome these with regular session and your masseur will enjoy helping you put your sexual performance back on track.

You may find it daunting to get naked from the start if your masseur if gym fit or toned. Most clients will get naked from the start, but this is not essential. Your masseur will provide a towel for you to wear into the therapy room which will be placed over your middle to hide your modesty.