A guide to self pleasuring

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Steps below to help you with becoming more aware, give you extra pleasure when practising your self-love ritual.

  • To help relax your body and mind set aside a time when you will not be interrupted.
  • Control your breathing! Listen and focus as your breath flows in and out of your body, deep full breaths will heighten your sexual feelings and help you stay in the moment.
  • Let your mind explore inside your inner world. Close your eyes and focus your mind as you travel from head to toe looking over your body for any aches, pains, tension, or any worries that are there. What are you thinking? Stay focussed on your body as you caress yourself and masturbate.
  • Using every part of your body. Focusing on just the genitals will only limit one way of pleasure the body feels. Using various speeds, pressures, edging techniques, and strokes, introducing objects, toys, or materials such as silk, feathers will wake up the nerve endings in your skin and increase sensuality and sensitivity through the body.
  • Experimenting and being patient with your body as you start to explore. It may take some time to find out what your body does not like or what excites you, let then sensations build up.
  • The feeling of frustration, boredom or shame is often felt and is normal. When these arise do not stop and carry on experimenting, breathing throughout as you notice these.

The Genitals

A welcome part to your self-pleasuring practice is touching the genitals. Listed below are some practices to help bring pleasure and mindfulness to this part of your body:

  • The goal of not having an orgasm will bring you more awareness to the genitals allowing you to explore each part
  • Try different pressures, speeds, and strokes. Being creative and bringing in different things to your practice, for example why not try the lightening the fire technique, use both hands and rub the genital as if try to start a fire with a piece of wood. Feel as you move your hands in opposite directions on your genital increasing and decreasing the rhythm.
  • Let your sexual energy build up, when you feel like you are going to orgasm slow down, releasing the pressure. When the urge for you to orgasm has worn off increase your speed again, keep practising this and you will find you get a more intense and deeper orgasm.
  • Learn deep breathing techniques and strengthen your pelvic floor allowing sexual energy to be channelled throughout your body. This practice will help being able to achieve a full-body orgasms.