Benefits of Tantra

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Many people ask what is Tantra and what can I expect to get from it? Tantra is a spiritual awakening , achieved through meditation, meditative sexual union with another person/s and mindful eating. Relaying heavily on touch according to ancient … Continued

Overcoming impotence & frigidity

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There are several lifestyle issues that can be addressed to help overcome impotency, such as access alcohol consumption, poor diet and lack of exercise. If all these may be eliminated as a cause, it may be that the condition stems … Continued

Aromatherapy for recovering your libido

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The physical relationship you share with your partner may not be solely responsible for the lack of libido. There is rarely a physical component to problems with libido: the root cause is often emotional or mental. It`s not an uncommon … Continued

Which Massage should I choose?

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Many of you will be a first timer having a male masseur massage you. Some will be straight, gay, bisexual or just bicurious, there is nothing wrong with being massaged by a male but which massage do you choose. Well … Continued

Water Challenge

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Ask yourself – Do you drink enough water a day? If not why don’t you try the 30 day water challenge. Drinking 8 glasses a water can help: Reduce daytime fatigue Improve memory Nourish skin Help remove toxins from your … Continued

Review winner for July

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I am pleased to announce July`s winner drawn in our Review Draw after visiting this month and giving us a review is James will receive £10 off his next visit. If you want to be in with a chance to be … Continued

August Promotion

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To coincide with the month of August when the Pride Celebrations are coming to an end around the world and your all partied out, need something to look forward too? Another mad promotion for all you massage lovers – Book … Continued