Preparing for your first massage

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“What do I need to prepare before my first massage”, this will be a question many people ask themselves.  This and many other questions you may have will be answered in this blog. Choosing the right therapist You need to … Continued

A guide to an Erotic/Sensual massage

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On google searching for an erotic/sensual massage and feeling nervous about booking one? You will not be the first to feel like that. Around 75% of men feel nervous before booking their first appointment. This guide is here to help … Continued

A guide to self pleasuring

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Steps below to help you with becoming more aware, give you extra pleasure when practising your self-love ritual. To help relax your body and mind set aside a time when you will not be interrupted. Control your breathing! Listen and … Continued

Self-love from Self Pleasuring

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Self-love or masturbation, often referred to as self-pleasuring, something most men partake in from time to time. For a lot of us, slowly playing with our genitals with the aim of an orgasm.  Is there more to it you ask … Continued

Receiving a yoni massage

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The masseur once your turn onto you back will raise your head so you can look down at your genitals and up at him. A pillar covered with a towel will be placed under your hips. The knees need to … Continued