First time? Nervous?

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Many clients are having a massage for the first time will be nervous, it is perfectly natural for you to be curious about “new experiences” most will not pluck up the nerve to book a massage. I will do my best to help you relax, before booking via the Book A Massage Page why not give me a call me to discuss and questions you may have.. There is nothing to fear, you are not going to come to any harm and most people enjoy the naughtiness, freedom and experimentation only they will know about, my service is completely discreet.

A lot of my first timers are guys who want to experience what it is like to be naked with another guy. closely followed by couple either of the same sex or married, wanting to see there partner aroused and massaged by a guy or married couples where the guy wants to see his bi-curious side explored while his partner watches.

A number of first timers have family or religious constraints, live at home, guys often fear that a male naturist massage will make them gay, this isn’t the case. It is purely an experience where you are in a room with a guy naked.