Male Masseur in Manchester Q & A time…

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A friend of mine recently asked me to take part in a Question-and-Answer session for him based on the services we offer.

How did you get into Massage?

I have always been interested in massage and gave friends them and was told I was good at it so decided to study and qualify in it.

What do you find rewarding about it?

Helping men relax, the little noises that they make and the sheer happiness when they leave with a smile on their face.

How long have you been qualified?

I have been qualified for over 7 years and always learn something new with each massage I perform.

What would you say is your most popular massage?

The most popular massage I would say is the Sensual Naturist or Body to Body however the four handed along with the Sensual Deluxe Naturist are catching up very fast with this.

Why choose a naturist massage?

Men choose a naturist massage, so they feel less self-conscious if the masseur is naked too, and a lot like to feel you brush up against them when you are massaging them.

Is there anything you don’t enjoy about the job?

No there isn’t I love all elements of it. Although when you get calls trying to book a massage outside in the early hours when you are in bed recharging your batteries this can be annoying.

You have an online booking system, don’t you?

Yes, I do, which books space into my diary, sends a confirmation email with address details and the option to cancel if you need to do so. This makes life so much easier, but I can also access it to book an appointment if a client doesn’t want to do so.

How far can people book in advance?

My diary is usually up to date two months in advance, if a client books further out I will always contact prior to the booking to ensure that they still require this. I only do this due to several no shows. The system also sends a reminder emails 2 hours before the appointment.

A fun fact about when I massage.

I like to wear socks to ensure my feet don’t stick to the massage room floor.

An interesting fact about massaging.

I can burn off between 700 – 800 calories in a 90-minute massage, and some days due to bookings being back-to-back I don’t get time to refuel until later in the day.

Do you often get a massage?

I love a massage, but it is very difficult to find a masseur that you like. When they know you’re a masseur they try to hard to please you.

Bet you have lots of interesting stories to tell?

Well, there are quite a few but that is between me and the client. I offer a discreet and professional service.