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Andy – 20/09/20 – Male Masseur in Manchester “Took me to places I didn’t know existed !” 5 Star rating

Jamie met me at the door and immediately put me at ease with his friendly manner.

I was lead upstairs where I undressed and went into the treatment room.  I’d booked a naturist sensual massage purely for the fact I was in need of a massage and hate having a towel cover me up as it spoils the flow of the massage and irritates me more than anything.

Jamie started the massage and all I can say is it was as if he’d taken one look at me at worked out how to get the best out of my body while hitting every single erogenous zone – it was as if he had a guide to my body.

All I’m going to say is I had the most relaxing and soothing massage coupled with one of the strongest and longest orgasms I’ve experienced !  Jamie certainly knows how to get a guy on the edge and keep him there for the duration – he certainly has a few tricks that you just have to experience to understand!

Overall, a most enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Thanks for helping me have the best nights sleep that night too.

Nick – 14/09/20 – 5 Star rating

I had a delightful massage from Jamie. He’s a pleasant, friendly guy; he uses his muscles to apply just the right amount of pressure. A very enjoyable and relaxing session – which at several points had me wanting a lot more…

Very good. Recommended.

Niall – 12/09/20 – 5 Star rating

First time visiting Jamie for a massage and it was great. Very personable and at ease straight away, directing you where to get ready etc. The massage room set up is calming and comfortable. Jamie is clearly very experienced and knew just the right pressure and areas that required more attention to relieve stress and tension! Grapeseed and lemon grass oil smelt amazing and lasts long after the massage. Would recommend the nature body massage without hesitation! Will be back.

Kenny – 11/08/20 – 5 Star rating

Once again I visited Jamie for a one on one body massage. I was greeted with a lovely smile and welcomed in and shown to the room to get changed. I undressed and went through to the therapy room. Jamie was naked and wow what a body, tanned, toned and hung. The massage was something else, Jamie had my body twitching and shuddering throughout the massage. He certainly knows his stuff. The 90 minutes flew by and I was allowed to lay on the table covered with a towel to relax at the end, a nice cold bottle of water was waiting for me in the changing room. Hours later as I am writing this I am still on cloud nine and in heaven. Thank Jamie and I will see you soon. Anyone reading this should make an appointment you wont be dissappointed.

Jamie – 29/07/20 – 10 Star rating

Absolutely fantastic, words cannot describe, arrived early and was greeted by Jamie, lively guy friendly and took me to his massage room  facilities were fantastic, then the magic began, started with a trim then a full body massage, Jamie was naked throughout and boy has he got a nice d–k, very thick, would definitely recommend the body to body massage, he has a great body, easy to talk to and boy does he have healing hands, hope to see him again soon

Sean – 20/07/20 – 11/10 – Fantastic

Met at Jamie`s home very clean and professional. Made me feel at ease straight away. I had booked a 90 min session and the time just flew by totally. Feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated all thanks to Jamie.

Thank you xx

Tim -22/05/20 – 5 Star Skype Session

Jamie gave me a Skype session that was sensual and exciting. I`m married, always thought of myself as straight but it was a brilliant brilliant experience, recommend his caring, loving nature to all. Will be seeing him for the real thing as soon as this rubbish is over.

Danny – 9/05/20 – 5 Star

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a remote Skype session but this was absolutely perfect to relax and unwind after weeks of isolation. From slowly undressing and self exploration to an amazing ending, Jamie takes you on a journey that is both sensual and energising at the same time. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is missing massage at this time. I will be booking in for more.

Joshua – Skype Session – 29/04/20

Seeing Jamie`s advert on Google offering Skype sessions in the absence of being able to book a one on one session. I contacted him and booked a session in. WOW – is all I can say. Jamie had me in the palm of his hands from the offset. With both of us undressing and then I was instructed to follow what Jamie did, being shown lost of sensual touch and then coming to an enjoyable end. Jamie surely helped during this hard times during being lockdown. I will certainly be booking another session until I can actually meet Jamie in person. I would highly recommend booking a session one not to be missed.

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