Premium Chat and Skype sessions now available.

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During these uncertain times and not being able to get out to see you regular masseur, Male Masseur in Manchester is offering a new service Premium Chat or Skype self tutorial sessions direct from the therapy room with the mood lighting and music just as if you were there ( you may want to use oil on your body if you have any as your are guided through a journey of self exploring and touch). Something to relieve the boredom and stress of being locked up in the house all alone during lockdown.

To be able partake in either service you will need to pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer (contact directly for these details), once the money is showing in the account then Jamie will be available to chat to you and help you relax and relieve your stresses and tensions that may be building during these awful times.

So don’t be lonely at this time and Male Masseur in Manchester takes your well being and health very seriously and aim to offer the highest of services at all time until you can book in for your regular massage appointment