Receiving a yoni massage

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The masseur once your turn onto you back will raise your head so you can look down at your genitals and up at him. A pillar covered with a towel will be placed under your hips. The knees need to be slightly bent and the legs slightly spread apart exposing the genitals for the massage. This allows easy access to the vagina (yoni) and the rest of the body.

Before the masseur touches you’re body, you will both start with some deep relaxing breathing, throughout the process remember to keep this rhythm.

You will feel gently massages strokes across your breasts, abdomen, thighs, and legs, to prepare you for your vagina being touched. A small amount of warm oil will be poured on the mound of the vagina, feeling the sensation as this dripples down your outer lips and the outside of the vagina. You will feel gentle massage strokes over the mound and outer lips of the vagina. Enjoy the feelings and sensation you are experiencing form this.

As the thumb and index finger squeeze the outer lip, and the fingers slide over each lip. You will feel the same movement on the inner lips of your vagina. You should inform your masseur if the speed, depth, and pressure should be decreased or increased. Resist from talking and concentrate on the sensations your body is experiencing. The masseur will slowly touch the lips with an ultimate vibrating tool to take you to another level.