Self-love from Self Pleasuring

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Self-love or masturbation, often referred to as self-pleasuring, something most men partake in from time to time. For a lot of us, slowly playing with our genitals with the aim of an orgasm.  Is there more to it you ask yourself?

Masturbation over the years has been seen as a sin!

A cure for masturbation was marketed by Kellogg`s corn flakes, something you may not know?  Masturbation or self-pleasuring over the years has been considered sinful, with tales over the years you would grow hairs in the palm of you hand or go blind. To this day many men carry the shame around self- pleasuring or masturbation. Many men will find time to privately self- pleasure, so not get caught in the act or heard by anyone. This may limit the amount of enjoyment you feel and the orgasm intensity you have.

Mindful masturbation and self-pleasuring

Tantric masturbation or mindful self-pleasuring, reverses this bringing much more enjoyment and pleasure into your practice. With mindful self-pleasuring or masturbation, you need to be fully aware, and notice the physical feelings, sensations, and thoughts you are having during this practice. Many are tempted to seek sources of arousal from outside the body by slipping some porn on. There is nothing wrong with this, too much of this and you could loose connection with the sensation we are feeling or our bodies.