Some things to help you deal with stress

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If life could be stress free (as nice as that would be), so it is necessary to look at ways to help you feel better. So, what is stressing you out? Being proactive in managing your stress may improve your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.


To help reduce stress and lift your spirit regular exercise can help. It will not make stress disappear fully but will help to reduce some of the emotional intensity and clear your mind and thoughts. Any form or exercise whether in a gym of just going for a walk or run is better than none. Look at your lifestyle and see which fits in with you, whether it is stretching in the garden, going for a walk at lunchtime or setting time aside later in the day to perform yoga when you get home.

Take the situation in hand

If you have that overwhelmed feeling, then look how you can break this down into chunks that are manageable. Taking the proactive approach about the situation and looking at steps to find solutions.

Talk to someone about it

Your family and friends no matter how close you are, are not mind readers. Learn on your support network and do not be afraid to ask for help when you`re feeling stressed. Connect with those around you and speak out. It may sound simple; they may be able to help and look at situation with a fresh pair of eyes and offer solutions that you may not of thought of.

Habits that are unhealthy should be avoid

People often turn to unhealthy behaviours to attempt to relieve stress. Smoking, caffeine, and alcohol will not help you cope, so do not rely on these. It may seem a good idea as a quick fix to relax but can be damaging to your health in the long run. Call a friend when tense instead of reaching for a cigarette or try some deep breathing exercise.

Make time for you

Reduce your stress levels by practising some self-care. We all have lots of responsibilities in our busy day to day lives that we forget to factor time in to look after ourselves. An important aspect of stress management is to prioritise self-case when you have so many items to do on your daily to-do list. It could be waking up 10 minutes earlier to enjoy your morning coffee, or simply arrange to go for dinner with friends of just relax at home in the evening.