What is edging ?

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Not to be mistaken with the gardening term edging, in a sexual terminology, this refers to bringing someone else or yourself to the point of orgasm and then releasing the grip and moving the concentration to another part of the body. Postponing the orgasm, changing the sexual stimulation, and slowing the strokes.

Edging is often described as self-pleasuring, where you masturbate to just before reaching orgasm and then slow the strokes down. You then build the stimulation up again to the point or orgasm and then slow down the strokes again. There are many styles of edging to build the energies in the body, the bottlecap, making fire, the juicer, cock-u-pressure to name a few, you may also want to add an old faithful stroke in. This technique with practice can allow you to edge for a fair length of time. It has been described by many people that when you finally give in the orgasm is something else.

Edging has also taken off as a sexual activity amongst couples as well. The heightened pleasure can be added to by being blind folded.

So why edge?

A lot of people ask what the point of edging as a sexual activity that does not end up with you coming to climax or release. As we are often taught that the aim of a sexual activity like masturbation is to climax.

There are many reasons why edging is pleasurable and can add to your sexual experiences.

When we are having sex, we often avoid the pleasure our bodies can give us. One of the learning findings from edging is that you pay close attention to the sexual arousal in your body, or if your edging your partner it means you have to be able to read his arousal state.

With edging this can take the added pressure of the big finish and focusses on what is happening now. Many straight couples worry during sexual activity on how its going to end, which can be a problem for sexual relationship that has the same format that works.

There is nothing wrong with finding a format that work, however travelling the same route every day you will stop seeing the changes in an ever-changing society. This is the same with sex.

To edge is to be in touch with the energies flowing through your body, to be able to achieve that orgasm beyond any other you need to be in touch with your body`s responses and your partner`s too.

How do you do it ?

Edging can be added into any sexual activity, but most expert edger’s will tell you that using a hand for stimulating the lingam will give you the best control