What to expect from a Sensual or Erotic massage

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If you do not have a partner you can feel sexual frustrated, self-gratification or casual sex is not everyone`s cup of tea. A sensual or erotic massage is for the more discerning amongst us and those that know what they want and want to explore their sexuality further.  Although this can be exciting it can also be scary for someone if it is their first time.

Laying on a table being smothered and caressed with warm oil brings every area of the body a wake to the pleasure it is experiencing. With your eyes shut and soft sensual music playing you can feel the sensations as they flow through the body with each stroke the hands are making.

As you feel the hands moving towards the erotic areas of the body, the ideal of intimate touch whilst your laid there relaxed and there is nothing you have to do  is feeling you will not forget for some time. Embarrassed or the feeling of nervousness can be associated with a sexual encounter, forget that, and let it go out the window.

Lay back and enjoy!

Sensual or Erotic Massage is for both men and women

A sensual massage is not just for a man, a woman can also have a life changing experience with a yoni massage. Most women have never experienced the touch from someone that fully understands the sensations and workings the vagina has to offer.

A yoni (vagina) massage is much more than sexual pleasure, laying back and feeling the sensual touch on the lips of the vagina has health benefits and can be life changing. Giving her a new understanding of herself and it also gives her the opportunity to explore her sexuality.

A sensual massage can also be something to share with your loved one. Some therapists offer a couple’s massage. This is where one of you are massaged while the other watches and learns the strokes and techniques from the therapist, seeing your body react to them and the enjoyment received. This can be a sexual turn on for some couples as the partner is being pleasured by another as they watch. It could also be where both of you are laid on a double bed and the therapist works on you both at the same time. Now that is something else!

More and more people are starting to book a sensual massage experience, as it is no longer a taboo subject.