What is a yoni massage?

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The Sanskrit word for the vagina is yoni and translated as “Sacred Temple” or “Sacred Space”. The yoni in Tantra is seen as a perspective of respect and love. An important thing for men to learn.

Before starting the Yoni massage, the masseur should provide a space for the woman to feel safe and relaxed, so she can experience great pleasure from her yoni and enter a high state of arousal. If her partner is with her, he will witness a special moment of the pleasure she is being given. The yoni massage is a great activity to build intimacy and trust and can be used as a form of “safe sex”. Some sex and massage therapist may perform to assist women to break trauma or sexual blocks.

It not a goal of the yoni massage to achieve an orgasm, if orgasm is achieved this can be a welcome side effect and pleasant. The main goal is to pleasure and massage the yoni. When orgasm occurs is more satisfying and intense and more expanded. Allow the woman to enjoy the massage she is receiving and to relax her inner self.