Massage Reviews for Male Masseur in Manchester

Here are some of the massage reviews left by some of our customers after their recent visits. Leave us a review and let us know what you thought about your visit.

Gary -13th October 2023 – 5 Star Rating

My first time for a massage and I was not disappointed it was a very good massage and Jamie was very professional

James -12th August 2023 – 5 Star Rating

I felt very relaxed and safe with Jamie. A very handsome and masculine guy who knows how to connect to people. Loved the massage! I felt pampered with the attention and attention to detail. Brilliant!

Paul – 26th July 2023 – 5 Star Rating

There are not enough stars to rate this service. From the first booking via chat, through to leaving the treatment room, i was at all times respected, valued, discretely supported and guided to enjoy the experience to its maximum benefit and impact. THE VERY BEST treatment I have ever experienced and mindblowingly impactful emotionally and physically. The combination of sheer strength balanced by tender strokes and touch made this the most exquisite treatment. You will not get better elsewhere and certainly won’t be disappointed. Book now!

Matt – 2nd July 2023 – 5 Star Rating

Have seen Jamie a few times now and I have to say the service that is given is first class.
Jamie is a lovely man, puts you at ease. A very professional setting and service provided. I will certainly be back again. I would recommend Jamie to you all.
Thank you as always Jamie

Rodney – 18th June 2023 – 5 Star Rating

A big thank you for yesterday. I really appreciated your care, expertise, commitment, professionalism, and great skill. I felt deeply relaxed and slept like a log last night.

I look forward to seeing you again for a future session.

Thank you. All best wishes,

Jody – 26th May 2023 – 5 Star Rating

Whilst visiting Manchester and feeling stressed with work I felt in need of a nice massage to release some tension. I decided to look for a massage on line and found Jamie on Google. I contacted him via whats app and arranged a Sensual Naturist Massage for 60 minutes without any fuss. Jamie is professional and polite. Jamie explained as I had booked a Sensual Naturist Massage that he would be naked and asked if that was ok? On arrival Jamie greeted me with a welcoming smile and lead upstairs and shown to the spare room to undress and wrapped a towel around myself and invited into the treatment room.

No other man has read my body like Jamie did. Jamie slowly ran his hands over my nipples and down to my groin area. The yoni massage was something else. Reading about these online I didnt know what to expect. Ladies if your in Manchester and looking for a masseur Jamie is your man. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity. I cant wait to return to Manchester in July and I will be booking in with Jamie for 90 minutes as 60 minutes went too quickly.

Matt – 23rd March 2023 – 5 Star Rating

I have visited Jamie on a number of occasions now. What an amazing experience. He`s a lovely guy. Very relaxed and professional service. I cannot recommend Jamie highly enough.

David R – 13th January 2023 – 5 Star Rating

Fantastic, I struggle to feel comfortable in my body and I felt great, relaxed, I did not feel judgement which was fantastic. The service is brilliant. I felt relaxed and connected to my body again. That evening I had 11 hour sleep. I would say treat yourself and see Jamie.

James – 30th December 2022 – 5 star Rating

Having followed Jamie for some time on Twitter and Instagram I saw his was promoting his new offering the Pamper and Bubbles. I opted for a 30 minutes Pamper and Bubbles Experience starting with a body scrub and 60 minutes massage. Jamie greeted me with a warm smile at the door. I was led upstairs and asked to undress and passed a towel and shown a hot shower. Jamie suddenly appeared and jumped in with me and started to cleanse my body with a salt scrub. He showered me off and dried. He led me down stairs where a bath robe and slippers were waiting for me to go outside to the hot tub in.

The hot tub being undercover and very private with curtains around. Jamie slowly caressed my body under the bubbles of the warm water. What a start to any massage. Jamie’s massage technique is something else, reading your body like any good book.

You feel Jamie’s tanned, toned body glide over yours transporting you to somewhere else. I didnt want the experience to end I wish I had booked 90 minutes not 60. No better way to end the year and already looking forward to booking again the new year. An experience truly recommended and worth every penny. This experience is not available anywhere in the Northwest to my knowledge!!

Paul – 28th December 2022 – 5 Star rating

This was my 2nd visit to see Jamie. It’s always such a great relaxing experience. Close to the centre of Manchester, and easy to find. The massage was great, focusing on areas I needed, and Jamie is superb at really releasing tension with care and sensitivity and you’ll emerge like a new man! I’ll definitely be back for a 3rd time!

Matthew – 18th December 2022 – 5 Star rating

Jamie is amazing. He totally makes you feel at ease very welcoming. Lovely body. His massage technique is superb. His studio is spotlessly clean and very relaxing. With easy to parking outside. I would totally recommend Jamie to anyone considering this experience.

James – 8th December 2022 – 5 Star rating

My first sensual naturist massage with Jamie. I am happy to say that the experience lived up to my expectations and more! Jamie was extremely professional putting me at ease from the moment I arrived. His premises were immaculate clean with beautiful mood lighting. After the intense climatic ending I had one of the best nights sleep I have had in ages. For anyone unsure whether to book in a session with Jamie, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you for a wonderful experience – I will be back !

John – outside of Manchester – 19th November 2022 – 5 Star rating

I had a really great experience with Jamie this morning, having opted for his “One on One” massage. After missing some warm bodily contact haven been faithful to my late husband and partner of 45 years. I want to express appreciation to Jamie for offering such extended massage services skilfully celebrating the joys of the body. I am very sure Jamie derives pleasure in administering his services.

Paul – 28th October 2022 – 5 Star rating

As this was my first massage with a male masseur I was a little nervous. Jamie reassured me and I booked a body to body massage. Greeted at the door by Jamie who is very easy on the eye and a nice body on him. All my fears washed away as I lay on the heated table. Thank you very much Jamie, well recommended.

CM & IR – 8th October 2022 – 5 Star rating

My wife decided she would like to have a sensual massage. After searching the internet and looking at a number of masseurs profiles I finally decided to book with Jamie. His site looked very professional with good reviews and his insistence on hygiene.

We were running a little late due to traffic. I informed Jamie ahead of our arrival and he understood and said that it was fine. On arrival we were both very nervous but once we met Jamie he straight away put us at ease, but my wife was obviously still a little nervous as this was our first experience.

Jamie left the towel over her and began the massage as he could tell she was very nervous. 10 minutes into the massage Jamie removed the towel and she lay on the bed naked. Jamie worked his magic on her for the 90 minutes as I sat and watched him at work gently and very sensual. We will definitely be booking again. I would recommend Jamie to anyone such a nice guy and non pushy and respects his clients.
Thank you Jamie

David – 4th October 2022 – 5 Star rating

Thank you Jamie for an amazing naturist massage. Jamie certainly delivers an outstanding experience which exceeOn top of that you are a really nice guy, very friendly and considerate. Would 100% recommend you and look forward to my next massage the next time I’m in Manchester!
Oh, your massage oil smelt great!!

Gregg – 17th August 2022 – 5 Star rating

Better than I expected, really enjoyed it. See you soon Jamie.

Matt – 14th August 2022 – 5 Star rating

Lovely guy. Felt comfortable as soon as I arrived. His skills are first class. Very professional service from a very professional masseur.

JG – 10th August 2022 – 5 Star rating

Had a great first time. The deluxe sensual naturist massage was a great experience.

Sarah and John – 30th July 2022 – 5 star rating

Jamie is literally the best! I love it when my husband surprises me with a visit to Jamie ! This one was the best yet!

D – 2nd July 2022 – 5 star rating

Thank you for a great first session. Jamie certainly knows how to put you at ease. Aches and pains vanished, and feel years younger!

Steve – 21st June 2022 – 5 Star rating

Felt at ease throughout. Amazing experience, I left feeling relaxed. Highly recommended!

Andy – 10th June 2022 – 5 Star rating

It has taken me a while to write this review so please bear with me. 

I volunteered to be a model for Jamie to train Kyle Junior as I’d been a model for a friend doing training in the past so I was prepared for the stop – start and explanation of the method etc. 

I confirmed I was happy to be filmed and videos used to promoted the services offered.

Jamie met me at the door with his usual friendly greeting and introduced me to Kyle Junior who was just as friendly and has an incredible smile!

I undressed and lay face down on the table ready for Jamie to start the training. 

Within the first few minutes I began to think this wasn’t going to be the training session I expected!

I could hear whispering but couldn’t hear exactly what was being said. Partly because they were quiet but also because I was so zoned out. 

Feeling another set of hands working my body alongside Jamie and I was honestly in heaven. I kept telling myself I shouldn’t be enjoying this massage so much, but I soon ignored that thought and simply enjoyed what followed. 

It wasn’t until I felt Jamie and then Kyle Junior brush against my body that I realised they were both naked too. 

The sensations going through my body from the different touches from Kyle Junior and Jamie was driving me wild. 

When it came to turning over my eyes were in for a real treat – Jamie has clearly been working out very hard and Kyle Junior is simply stunning (and that smile of his got me every time)

The massage session continued with the various touches from Jamie and Kyle Junior sending what I can only describe as organic shocks through my body. 

The teasing from the use of their hands, body, lips, and facial hair along my body was simply mind blowing. 

I can’t write in a review what I would have loved to do but let’s just say I had the most mind-blowing orgasm. Some of this must be down to the state of my mind going with the expectation of it not being for my benefit but a bigger part must be down to the skills of a Jamie and Kyle. 

I’d happily have a massage from Jamie or Kyle Junior but if you can, I’d highly recommend getting them to massage you. 

This review has taken me so long to write as I needed time to get it straight in my head. 

Jamie is an excellent teacher and Kyle Junior is a talented masseur and I have no doubt he will do well. 

Thanks guys, I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a ‘model’

Richard -9th June 2022 – 5 Star rating -One exceptionally talented man!

This is my 2nd time I have booked the one on one body massage. I can’t find the words to explain just how incredible this man makes you feel!

Jamie is a sensual and fit guy. He has an incredible aura that makes you relax, yet excites you and keeps you wanting more all the way through 90 minutes of massage. His massage technique is first class, he gets into your tired muscles and works out the knots, relaxes and excites you, the stubble drives you insane. When I felt his chest working up the back of my legs, on to my back and then he used his full body to work mine and I felt every inch of his masculinity and power.

I was shuddering in a state of anticipation and on the edge until I couldn’t hold back anymore it was an amazing experience, I was on a high for days!

I can’t wait for my next trip to Manchester – I’ve booked in advance!

Colin – 12th May 2022 – 5 Star rating

My first time having a massage with Jamie today, I can honestly say it is the best massage I have ever had, he certainly has magic hands, soft but firm and a very good manner to him, put me at ease straight away, I will certainly be going back in the near future

JH -11th May 2022 – 5 Star rating

I booked for a massage with Jamie, and I can honestly say that he didn’t disappoint! Very warm and welcoming, he tuck me to a very relaxing place in my mind just what I needed to reset. I’m a little cautious when it comes to massages and you never know if you come out fully satisfied, but I wasn’t expecting what I received, I would definitely recommend.

Sarah -9th May 2022 – 5 Star rating

This is the best massage I’ve ever received! I cannot recommend enough! So relaxing.

Matt – 1st May 2022 – 5 Star rating

Just had an amazing experience with Jamie. A lovely man, made me feel at ease as this was my first visit. Professional, friendly service. Strongly recommend him to others

Manchester41 19th April 2022 – 5 Star rating

I’ve been wanting to book a massage with Jamie for a while now. I opted for the pre massage body scrub, which in itself was an amazing experience. Both of us naked in the shower having a sensual scrub.

Jamie is very sexy and has a great body. It was then massage time which was beyond Gold Star. Jamie is a true professional and a true gent. I couldn’t recommend this hot, sexy guy enough!

Richard 1st April 2022 – 5 Star rating – 90 minutes of pure pleasure !

After a long week and lots of travelling Jamie arrived at my hotel. He went about relaxing me straight away in the shower and then took me to the bed and gave me the most amazing massage! His strong, sensual technique combined with his muscular body gliding across mine and him gently rubbing his stubble all over my body was an extraordinary sensation- add in the use of a few toys and the pleasure was off the scale!

Quite simply the most sensual tantric massage I have ever had! Thanks Jamie it was awesome and I had the best night’s sleep I had in ages. I can’t wait until I’m back in Manchester again!

M – 15th March 2022 – 5 Star rating

I booked the four handed massage with Jamie and Kyle, from the onset they welcomed me in and took me to the treatment room. Once they understood what my specific areas I had issues with, they got me comfortable and started to work on me. The various pressures used by each therapist was refreshing which sent my body into a deep relaxed mode and I almost nodded off.

Words can’t exactly describe the sensations felt throughout the massage but all I can say is that it left me speechless afterwards.

I would certainly recommend the 90mins as this gives your body the true time to relax and switch off.

I will be booking again!

Seth – 15th March 2022 – 5 Star rating

Jamie was amazing. Such a relaxing yet erotic experience. After a long day of travelling Jamie explored my body, soothed my muscles and helped me reach ecstasy multiple times. I can’t wait to be back!

Brad – 7th March 2022 – 5 Star rating

Wow wow wow! Had a massage off Kyle and just wow. Kyle knew how nervous I was but instantly made me feel at ease. During the massage Kyle literally got all of my senses going, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I chose the body to body massage and honestly the senses were tingling all over my body. He also is in amazing shape too. Was my first time ever doing something like this but Kyle made it really easy. I Will definitely book in again and may even opt to experience more of the different massages and experiences they have on offer. Very professional and discreet which is what I needed. Thank you Kyle.

Jason – 7th March 2022 – 5 Star rating

Booked Jamie for a Sensual Naturist Massage and body scrub. I arrived and undressed and was shown to the shower where I rubbed my body with shower gel to get the blood circulating round my body. When Jamie climbed in and slowly caressed my body with body salt – what an experience my body with tingling as this toned guy rubbed my body. I dried off and laid on the heated massage table and Jamie took me to places I have never. The experience is not one to be missed. Cant wait for my next visit and think I will be opting for the 4 handed version.

Steve – 21st February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Having seen Jamie`s advert online I decided to have a look at his website. Wow what a number of options he has, I decided to opt for the Sensual Deluxe Naturist Massage. I arrived freshly showered and was greeted with a beaming smile from Jamie which instantly put me at ease. He led me upstairs where he blindfolded me and started to undress me slowly and sensually. My body was tingling with excitement. I was lead to the table still blindfolded Jamie caressed my body with a feather ticker and a leather cat and nine tail.

My mind was doing overtime. My hands and legs we restrained with silk restraints ( fifty shades of grey ran through my mind) when turned onto my back. I felt Jamie run his stubble up and down my body which drove me insane. Knowing I couldn`t do a thing about it as I was tied to the table. My senses were everywhere. Then when I could not hold any longer it came to an explosive ending. What a massage never had anything like it. 60 minutes was not long enough and when I return I will be going for the 90 minutes and then the fourhanded version . I cant wait for my next visit. Highly recommend this to any male or female visiting Jamie.

Masked Couple – 19th February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Jamie & Kyle, we’re both very welcoming to us, was a hot massage. They both took turns on me and my bf, no parts un-touched! Would definitely go back if we’re in Manchester again!

Anthony P and ETch – 12th February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Having treated EtcH to a pampering session and the cold nights still looming, Jamie suggested he’s introducing a ‘new collective line’ of Deluxe Massages from Tie n Tease, 4 hand to massage n more! What a great idea a 3-sum combi of the new ones! Now that sounded like a surprise pampering plan for my partner. We arrived as planned on a wet and windy evening to a lovely mood enhancing home. My partner (EtcH) was taken upstairs and we were both immediately at ease with Jamie warmth in home and warmth in nature.

Jamie had a glass of bubbly ready (what a beautiful start). EtcH started to slowly sip his fizz as Jamie gently blindfolded him ‘now I’m quite protective a DILF 43 and Uni guy who’s 20 so this ease of presence is certainly appreciated’ not just for me but of course for EtcH who has complete trust in the surprises set to come. Each sip followed by a sensual gesture from Jamie as he gently started to remove his top slowly undoing his jeans button by button sending gently flickers of touch against his soft skin.

Jamie started moving him around when suddenly this muscular tattooed guy appeared from behind the door synchronising also soft touches against EtcHs skin. Wow o wow o wow I can see how my EtcH was responding to this attention the slight moans from their touch was too much tease as he impatiently waited for his pants to be peeled off.

Eventually pre cum were gently removed as both Jamie and Kyle led him into the massage room and I knew from the smile from EtcH he was edging one step closer to his heaven. And so he lays his body slithering in tune to this 4 hand touch, soft strokes attentively taken care from tips to toes, the added silk ties as his legs where gently spread to his wrists softly restrained and I knew EtcH was complete in sensual attention, each groan from the wet touches, highlighted this exoticness before me…..Jamie and Kyle certainly went above and beyond to showcase their super Deluxe 4 hand naturist Massage and more…. Guys I thank you for taking care and we look forward to more experiences

Peter  5th February 2022 – 5 Star rating

First time visiting Jamie and it was fantastic. Easy to find, super clean home and smashing looking guy with suck a friendly nature. I opted for the body scrub naked together which was incredibly erotic. Then to the treatment room for a body to body massage – one not to be missed. Jamie has super soft hands, a lovely body and a member that is a pleasure to hold. His massage was unbelievable and his toys took me to beyond and back. Well worth a visit and value for money. Might try the four handed next time but could I hold two at once? Well we will have to see.

Cris – 4th February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Kyle was amazing, a really friendly guy that took his time to get to know me and my requirements, his touch was incredible and worked every part of my body with care and attention. Definitely recommend and will be rebooking for the four handed experience very soon.

Rayann – 3rd February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Jamie and Kyle`s four handed massage was unbelievably relaxing. The perfect amount of pressure, with smooth gliding strokes from limb to limb and they were in sync too which enhanced the experience further. Highly recommend if you need to unwind and relax!

John from Leeds – 2nd February 2022 – 5 Star rating

Met Kyle recently at his place in Manchester, he was the prefect gentleman with the perfect physique. The whole experience was amazing. Kyle gave me an electrifying sensual massage which I didnt want to end. I cant wait to repeat the experience very soon. Many thanks Kyle.

Ry – 30th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

What can I say but amazing! If you’re looking for a relaxing High energy massage then Jamie is the guy for you. I was made to feel at ease and very welcome from the minute I turned up. The massage from start to finish was full of care and tease just what I wonted.
Thank you again Jamie

Steve – 30th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

I met Kyle earlier today for the Sensual Naturist Massage. Everything was prepared when I arrived and my first impression was a very professional set up. Kyle had the perfect touch and within seconds i was thoroughly relaxed and felt completely at ease in his hands, he is also very attractive! As I opted for the sensual massage things got very interesting towards the end and I left extremely relaxed and satisfied.

Andy – 29th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

I had never had a 4 handed massage before I decided to see what it was all about, so I booked a session with Jamie and Kyle.


Both great guys, very easy to get along with and even easier on the eyes!

They took me to places during the massage I’ve never been before. Not knowing who is working on what part of your body and which part is going to be touched next is really mind blowing – and that’s no understatement. All I can say is if you’ve never tried it you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Give it and try with these two and you’ll never want any other sort of massage again!

Wayne – 25th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

Had a Swedish massage with Kyle. It was amazing. Kyle was very professional and very easy to talk to and made me feel instantly at ease. The massage was 11 out 10.

Matt – 23rd January 2022 – 5 Star rating

I treated myself to my first ever 4 hands massage with Jamie and Kyle. Amazing. These guys have magic hands and work in harmony together. Their combo of deep tissue, light touch and sensual massage is mind blowing. Tensions of the last few months have been eased away and I slept my deepest sleep-in ages after this wonderful experience. I can’t recommend highly enough

Anthony P – 18th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

As a 43-year-old Dilf kinda guy Sheer indulgence with an erotic twist is always of high importance in one’s life and with the cold mist hovering and bitter wind I decided a holistic massage was of high priority! I contacted Jamie and thankfully with an immediate response (I’m a patient guy as my life is super busy and with this kinda of instant service I knew things would only get better)! yes, I wanted 90 minutes of sensual pleasure with the added extras of the heated stones but not for me, this was for my partner who’s 20 years old and being a sports fanatic kinda guy loves any massage that’s on offer. Jamie agreed he would happily take care of my request to massage my partner and I was happy that Jamie was very attentive.

We arrived to a cosy and warm room, my partner was very happy to be getting 90 minutes of pampering pleasure as he nakedly stripped, warm towel wrapped and onto the heated massage table, feeling very pleased with myself! so far loving and as a bonus I was able to sit and watch which was an incredible experience as your loved one is being taken care of. So, the massage started Jamie was naked and muscular looking with a meaty piece on show brushing against my partners body which was already wriggling and tingling with excitement!

The towel now completely removed exposing complete body and parts sexually reacting to Jamie’s touch. The hot stones, the vibrating wands the various massage attachments breath, touch, tongue was pleasing to see as this guy was attentive and, on a mission, o make sure this massage was going to be memorable. I’m not going to lie but watching your partner get massaged was kinda hot and horny knowing he was experiencing sheer indulgence. The pressure cooker was simmering and boiling then simmering to the point of no return as whimpering groans of completed release was like a scene from July 4, so thank you Jamie for the holistic massage and for attentively taking care of the special one!
See you soon

Stuey – 12th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

I came across Male Masseur in Manchester on Instagram and noticed that they offered a 4 hand massage. Contacting Jamie and exchanging a few whats app messages and made a booking with Jamie and Kyle. When I was greeted on arrival at the front door my nerves flew out the window. What two charming lovely guys, muscular, tanned and very easy to get on with.

I changed and was led into the therapy room, which was spotlessly clean, a heated bed and they started to work their magic. OMG I was taken to places I have never been taken too. Jamie and Kyle certainly know how to relax your body.

60 minutes was not long enough, my next booking will be for 90 minutes for sure

Chris 5th January 2022 – 5 Star rating

A fabulous experience – so relaxing and the hot stone eased my back pain

A -30th December 2021 – 5 Star rating

Jamie has the touch of magic and sensuality, Was very apprehensive with being a first timer but Jamie immediately put me at ease with his warm smile and touch. Cannot recommend Jamie enough thoroughly enjoyed my massage and grooming. Will surely be going back again and again.

Adam and Nigel – 4th June 2021 – 5 Star rating

Came to Manchester for a Birthday weekend with my partner. Decided we wanted to start it with a visit to a masseur and found Jamie instantly to our liking.

The whole experience was relaxing, enjoyable and completely welcoming. Decided on the couples massage and it did not disappoint. Great getting to know Jamie too and would definitely book again.

Highly recommend and worth every penny.

Sophie & Mike – 30/05/21 – 5 Star plus

My husband as a surprise had booked a massage with Jamie, I was a little nervous to say the least. We both arrived and was welcomed by Jamie, who is toned and tanned and easy on the eye. He showed us to the room to get changed and I made my way to the therapy room. I lay on the table and Jamie got to work, all I can say is mind blowing!! Jamie took me to places I never felt I could go and all watched by my Husband who also enjoyed what he was seeing. The best massage I have ever had and we are now looking to book a couple massage with Jamie. Ladies one not to be missed.

Neil – 23/04/21 – 5 Star rating

I had a sensual naturist massage from Jamie on a Friday evening and it was a wonderful end to a stressful week.

Jamie was friendly and welcoming and the room was warm with a relaxing atmosphere. I felt instantly de-stressed.

The massage was comprehensive and expertly given with plenty of attention to my nipples, cock and balls, which was what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend Jamie.

Greg – 20/04/21 – Talented hands – 5 Star rating

My first massage for over a year and first ever with Jamie.  I’m so pleased I heard about him on Twitter.  A relaxed easy atmosphere with professionalism and a personal touch (pun intended).  I know I’ll be booking more sessions as soon as I am back in Mancs.

Ray – 13/04/21 – 5 Star rating

As a first time visitor to Jamie i was nervous. I needn’t have been. Jamie was amazing, he put me at ease straight away. I had booked the body to body massage and am i glad that I did. Every sense was tingling as Jamie’s hands and body did their work on mine. At the end of the session i was left feeling as i have never felt before. I have had massages in the past, sport’s massages and massages from women. Jamie however knew all the right places to work on. Definitely, definitely recommended. Outstanding.

Ben – 13/04/21 – 5 Star rating

I visited Jamie for a one to one body massage with body scrub to start. As always with our meets i was greeted at the door with a friendly smile and taken upstairs to get changed. Firstly i had a body scrub with Jamie in the shower which was the most relaxing and invigorating shower of my life. Jamie certainly knows his way around a guys body. After that we went into the treatment room for the one to one body massage which was not disappointing. I highly recommend having this massage as it is very relaxing and stimulating. I look forward to our next massage xx

Max -12/04/21 – Brilliant 5 star rating

Had an excellent massage with Jamie yesterday.  From the get go he was very inviting and personable.
His massage skills are great and I’d 100% recommend going to him.
I’m a regular at getting massages but this was my first time with Jamie. I’ll be going back again.

Anon (Due to work) – 05/12/20

Last year I looked up male massage in Manchester and found Jamie, arrived and he was very friendly and kind.

The massage itself was amazing, so relaxing and left me very satisfied so much so that I didn’t forget it and when arriving back in Manchester last week, it was high on my list of things to do!

Again he was lovely and we chatted about my last massage, very friendly and easy to talk to, funny and sweet.

The massage again was wonderful, his naked body rubbing mine is enough to get anyone excited.

He is so tanned and fits the profile of a hot daddy and If like me that’s your thing then please visit him, you won’t regret it!

I look forward to my next visit as he has lots of ideas to create a very unique massage for you.

Andy – 20/09/20 – Male Masseur in Manchester “Took me to places I didn’t know existed !” 5 Star rating

Jamie met me at the door and immediately put me at ease with his friendly manner.

I was lead upstairs where I undressed and went into the treatment room.  I’d booked a naturist sensual massage purely for the fact I was in need of a massage and hate having a towel cover me up as it spoils the flow of the massage and irritates me more than anything.

Jamie started the massage and all I can say is it was as if he’d taken one look at me at worked out how to get the best out of my body while hitting every single erogenous zone – it was as if he had a guide to my body.

All I’m going to say is I had the most relaxing and soothing massage coupled with one of the strongest and longest orgasms I’ve experienced !  Jamie certainly knows how to get a guy on the edge and keep him there for the duration – he certainly has a few tricks that you just have to experience to understand!

Overall, a most enjoyable experience and I can’t wait to go again!

Thanks for helping me have the best nights sleep that night too.

Nick – 14/09/20 – 5 Star rating

I had a delightful massage from Jamie. He’s a pleasant, friendly guy; he uses his muscles to apply just the right amount of pressure. A very enjoyable and relaxing session – which at several points had me wanting a lot more… Very good. Recommended.

Niall – 12/09/20 – 5 Star rating

First time visiting Jamie for a massage and it was great. Very personable and at ease straight away, directing you where to get ready etc. The massage room set up is calming and comfortable. Jamie is clearly very experienced and knew just the right pressure and areas that required more attention to relieve stress and tension! Grapeseed and lemon grass oil smelt amazing and lasts long after the massage. Would recommend the nature body massage without hesitation! Will be back.

Kenny – 11/08/20 – 5 Star rating

Once again I visited Jamie for a one on one body massage. I was greeted with a lovely smile and welcomed in and shown to the room to get changed. I undressed and went through to the therapy room. Jamie was naked and wow what a body, tanned, toned and hung. The massage was something else, Jamie had my body twitching and shuddering throughout the massage. He certainly knows his stuff. The 90 minutes flew by and I was allowed to lay on the table covered with a towel to relax at the end, a nice cold bottle of water was waiting for me in the changing room. Hours later as I am writing this I am still on cloud nine and in heaven. Thank Jamie and I will see you soon. Anyone reading this should make an appointment you wont be dissappointed.

Jamie – 29/07/20 – 10 Star rating

Absolutely fantastic, words cannot describe, arrived early and was greeted by Jamie, lively guy friendly and took me to his massage room  facilities were fantastic, then the magic began, started with a trim then a full body massage, Jamie was naked throughout and boy has he got a nice d–k, very thick, would definitely recommend the body to body massage, he has a great body, easy to talk to and boy does he have healing hands, hope to see him again soon

Sean – 20/07/20 – 11/10 – Fantastic

Met at Jamie`s home very clean and professional. Made me feel at ease straight away. I had booked a 90 min session and the time just flew by totally. Feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated all thanks to Jamie.

Thank you xx

Danny – 9/05/20 – 5 Star

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a remote Skype session but this was absolutely perfect to relax and unwind after weeks of isolation. From slowly undressing and self exploration to an amazing ending, Jamie takes you on a journey that is both sensual and energising at the same time. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is missing massage at this time. I will be booking in for more.

Joshua – Skype Session – 29/04/20

Seeing Jamie`s advert on Google offering Skype sessions in the absence of being able to book a one on one session. I contacted him and booked a session in. WOW – is all I can say. Jamie had me in the palm of his hands from the offset. With both of us undressing and then I was instructed to follow what Jamie did, being shown lost of sensual touch and then coming to an enjoyable end. Jamie surely helped during this hard times during being lockdown. I will certainly be booking another session until I can actually meet Jamie in person. I would highly recommend booking a session one not to be missed.

Steve – Skype Session – 1/04/20

Booked a skype session after seeing the Instagram post and needed to relax after being stuck indoors for a couple of weeks. Was very easy to arrange and pay for online. It started with us both dressed and then we slowly undressed when we both started by massaging ourselves with oil and being guided over all areas of the body and being told how to do it properly. Was great to see such a sexy guy oiled up and showing me everything I wanted and need to do, nothing was too much trouble for Jamie and building up at the end to mind blowing experience. A fantastic session, 5 star service and highly recommended in these difficult times. Will arrange again, and cant wait for a real massage session when we can get out again.

Neil – Sensual Massage -11/03/20 – 5 star

If you haven’t had a sensual massage before, then what are you waiting for. Jamie makes you feel at ease from the offset the the whole experience is one not to be missed.Have to say, it was that good, won’t be long before a repeat visit.

Adz -25/02/20 – 5 Star

This was my first time with any male masseur, and at first I didn’t even want to take my underwear off as I was apprehensive. However Jamie quickly put me at ease and worked his magic for me to have the FULL experience. He was very professional and is great with his hands. He really can feel what your body needs and has a firm press. Thank you so much, would definitely recommend.

Ben -10/02/20 – 5 Star

I met with Jamie on Friday for a body to body naturist massage with added body scrub to start, i have to say this was by far the best massage i have received from Jamie. The body scrub was amazing very relaxing and sensual definitely give it a try, as for the massage it was out of this world. Jamie as always was perfect in providing a well balanced relaxing and stimulating massage. I highly recommend visiting him.

Dan – Nov – What can I say?

What an experience, a mind blowing one, dreams do come true, walking away and already thinking how soon can I go back and do it all over again. Loved it.

Ben -02/12/19 – 5 Star

I have met this lovely man on two occasions and what can I say except for he gives the best massage. I will be definitely coming back for more

Keith -26/11/19 – 5 Star

Absolutely wonderful experience and certainly one that I will be repeating. Jamie is so attentive and went out his way to make me feel relaxed. I would recommend Jamie to anyone

Paul -07/11/19 – 5 Star

Just had a 90 minute body to body. first of all fantastic heated massage table. Jamie massaged me everywhere and i mean everywhere.A great massage will be back

Tam (Mrs) -5 Star

Let’s get the easy bit out of the way first, the massage from Jamie was quite simply a 10/10. This is my second massage from Jamie. Both times have been surprises from my husband and both times Jamie has accepted special requests and fulfilled them completely. I once again had the sensual Naturist massage. The deep tissue element relaxes and rejuvenates muscles at the same time. His attention to any particularly tight bits or knots shows his commitment to dispel any of life’s stresses. The final element is the Yoni massage.

The sensual energies build to an almost uncontrollable crescendo. In the final moments of your massage Jamie ensures that relaxation is replaced by ecstasy. You are left then with a deeply fulfilled peace. An incredible experience not to be missed. We enjoyed the whole massage together as a couple and experienced the final elements and ecstasy together as well which Jamie both embraced and encouraged. Such an incredible, lovely, talented masseur we trust implicitly and will be booking again the next time we are in Manchester

Rob -11/10/19 – 5 Star – without a doubt!

Just returned from having a fabulous sensual massage from Jamie. His home is comfortable and welcoming. The massage room is well presented with a divine heated massage table. Jamie needed little guidance from me as to what I enjoy – he read my body like an expert and his touch is sublime. The only negative was the time flew by too quickly! Jamie really is a master of his craft.

Adam -11/10/19 – 10/10

Friendly guy who knows what he is doing reads the signs well. Feeling great thanks

Kabiru – 08/10/19 – 5 Star

It was truly amazing!

Stu – 28/09/19 – 5 Star

I was in Manchester with work and after a few stressful days I decided I need a massage and looked on google and found Jamie and to my surprise he also offered companionship, someone to go out for a drink with. I messaged Jamie and I booked him for a 90 minute one on one body massage and a couple of hours after for a drink. He turned up at my hotel on time and WOW what a nice chap he is. Making me feel at ease from the minute I opened the door.

He put the oil on to warm and relaxing music on and undressed and got down to the massage. You can tell he trains at the gym with a nice toned body. The massage ended and I was feeling totally relaxed. We both showered and had an enjoyable couple of hours over drinks. The next time I am in Manchester, Jamie I will be contacting you! Book now you wont be disappointed.

Peter – 27/09/19 -Amazing Massage 5 Star

Jamie makes you feel so comfortable has soon as you meet as you arrive at his home, within minutes I felt like I have known him for years. I don’t need to tell you how handsome Jamie is or how incredible his body is just checkout out his Twitter. Check out his onlyfans page guys search for mancs_male, you won’t be disappointed.
On to the massage itself, an a word AMAZING!!! I explained I had tension in my shoulders and legs and he put his incredible muscles to good use and got rid of it all and slept like a baby. I don’t think I’ve experienced a massage where I was not a little uncomfortable, this was not one of those times.

Jonny B – 12/09/19 – Star rating 5

I met Jamie for the first time whilst visiting Manchester for a one to one body massage. OMG – Jamie certainly knows how to tick all the boxes and push your buttons. I wish I had booked for 90 minutes. What an experience. Next time I am in Manchester I will certainly be visiting Jamie. Thank you.

Tam G – 07/09/19 – Star rating 5

I had a sensual naturist massage bought as a surprise gift from my husband on a weekend to Manchester. The massage itself was incredible! I was nervous as in addition to Swedish and Deep tissue I received a Yoni massage and they are all completed skin to skin. Jamie arrived and immediately put me at ease. Every stiff or achy muscle was given attention. His attention to any knots or tender spots shows his desire to make it such a tailored massage. I have paid twice the price for this type of attention to detail.

The Yoni element was wonderfully sensual. It creates incredible energies that completely remove any inhibitions or nerves and by the end of the experience is mind blowing!!! My husband was with us both for the whole experience and we agreed the next time we will have the couples massage. Anyone reading this please don’t hesitate. Book Jamie! Magic hands and quite simply a beautiful, open, honest and thoughtful gentleman

Danny M – 15/07/19 – Star rating 5+

Well I was in Manchester with work and I was at a bit of a loose end and after looking on google I came across Jamie`s website and decided to book him for a massage followed by booking to spend some time with him after for food and drinks. He turned up on time, is nice on the eye, put me fully at ease and I spent 3 enjoyable hours with a massage and out on the town. See you next time I am in Manchester with work Jamie.

James – 10/07/2019 – Star rating 5

I had never had a massage given by a male before. I was a little nervous about booking this but I went ahead and booked. When I turned up and Jamie welcomed me at the door with a beaming smile and all my fears went away. Jamie certainly know where to apply the correct pressure and I came away feeling completely relaxed. I will be returning and converted now to a male masseur instead of a female one.

Daniel – 01/07/2019 – Star rating 5

I absolutely loved my massage! Came for a massage and wasn`t sure what to expect, but the place was lovely and welcoming and I relaxed in seconds. My body was in pain from the gym. My muscles and body were so relaxed. Jamie has magic hands and I will definitely be visiting again. Thank you for looking after me, you are a true gent!

Charlie – 20/05/2019 – Star rating 5

I had always wanted to book a massage with a male having had many massages from females. I plucked the courage up and booked one with Jamie today and I can certainly say that this was something else. Jamie put me at ease straight away, welcoming me at the door with a friendly smile and left me to undress and showed me to the table. I had opted for the sensual naturist massage which was out of this world – Jamie certainly knows his stuff. I will certainly be back and a regular with you. Thank you for putting a first timer with male masseur at ease.

Vinny – 10/05/2019 – Star rating 5

I messaged Jamie today for a 30 minute body to body massage as I time between work appointments and time to spare – What can I say? What Jamie did for my aching body wasn’t dissappointiing. I will be certainly returning and making sure that I have the time for a 60 minute booking.

Benjamin – 07/05/2019 – Star rating 5

This was my first male massage as I am a married man. I contacted Jamie and asked about the 30 minute express service as I didnt have a full hour to spare as I was appointments with work and in the area, he was able to accommodate at the time I requested and I headed over. Jamie opened the door with a friendly smile and invited in. I laid face down on the massage table and let Jamie work his magic. I wasn’t disappointed and will be back soon. Cant wait for my next visit. As I was leaving Jamie gave me a nice chilled bottled of water, a nice touch.

Joshua – 06/05/2019 – Star rating 5

Met Jamie for the first time today and he put me at ease straight away. A warm friendly guy with a nicely toned body. Gave me a great body to body massage, wished I had booked the 90 minutes as 60 minutes flew by.

Jon Joe – 01/05/2019 – Outstanding – Star rating 5

Had my first massage today with Jamie, on arrival he greeted me with a friendly and welcoming smile. Jamie is much better in the flesh than his pictures these don’t do him justice. He showed me to a heated massage table in a clean therapy room with mood lighting and relaxing music playing. Jamie`s techniques are nothing I have experienced before he certainly can read your body and I would say this is a guy not to be missed – Book today you wont be disappointed.

Gavin – 9/04/2019 – Truly amazing – Star rating 5 +

Whilst up on business I decided to treat myself and booked a 90 minute body to body massage with Jamie at his therapy room. A truly memorable experience. Jamie has a lovely toned body and his hands are certainly magical working every muscle leaving me thoroughly relaxed. I will certainly book the next time I am back up on business in Manchester. Wish he was based down South I would be there every week.

Simon – 4/4/ 2019 – Star rating 5*

Jamie is amazing. I had an excellent 90 minute full body to body contact massage which was wonderful. I would recommend to anyone who wants a wonderful time.

Joey – 1/04/2019 – Star rating 5 +

This was my first time having a massage from a male masseur so I was very nervous. I arrived at Jamie`s and was tempted to call and cancel my appointment. I plucked up the courage to walk up to the door and carry on with my booking and I am so glad I did. I’m not sure what I was nervous about as Jamie put me at ease straight away. He showed me to the room and I changed and I was led into the
therapy room and lay on the table and let Jamie work his magic – well I can certainly say I wasn’t nervous any longer and the hour I booked flew by. It was a massage to remember – and I will certainly be back and booking the 90 minute next time. Thank you Jamie for an amazing experience. If your a first timer having a massage from a male don’t be nervous Jamie will put you at ease, see you soon. An experience not to be missed!!!

Kelvin – March 19 – Star rating 5

Was simply amazing. Great technique and a very amazing person

Ry – 05/03/19 – Star rating – 10 out of 10 – Amazing 1st timer

I had been reading Jamie`s website and decided to make a booking a quick text and I made my booking on his website, which I found very easy to use. Once booked got an email with all the booking details address etc very easy to find and parked on the street didnt worry about my car. Now about the massage what can I say bit AMAZING this guy knows how to make you feel good!!!. The oil he uses smells divine! After the treatment was over we had a quick chat. I left and on my way relaxed and with a big smile on my face. 100 per cent will be booking with Jamie again great treatment thank you 

Aidan – 04/03/19 – Star rating 5+

New to the art of male2male massage. I wasn’t disappointed with booking Jamie. An excellent service and value for money. Reading Jamie`s blog I gave him a call before hand and asked a number of questions which put me at ease. On arrival I was welcomed with a lovely smile and shown to get changed.I had opted for the body to body and what a body Jamie has!!. I was led to
the massage table which was heated in a clean therapy room. Oil was applied at the right time and with soft music playing I drifted off into my own little world. I would high recommend be it a first time or for those with more experience – looking forward to my next visit.

Ollie – 20/02/19 – Star rating 5

I had my first body to body massage with Jamie today and what an experience it was. What a body Jamie has, toned and muscular and he certainly knows where to apply the right pressure. 60 minutes was over far to quickly I wish I had booked for 90 minutes. I will certainly not be making that mistake next time. I would certainly recommend Jamie`s services.

Mike & Simon -14/02/19 – Star rating 10 – Great new experience

We booked a couples massage last night with Jamie. He was most welcoming and made us feel at ease straight away. We were shown to a lovely warm clean inviting bedroom. He was generous with his time and made a special effort that neither of us felt left out at any time, I thought it was clever. It was a new experience for us both to have a joint massage, and we will definitely be returning.

Ben – 12/02/19 – 5 Star rating

Booked a session with Jamie whilst working in Manchester. I arrived and was made to feel welcome and comfortable on the heated massage table. Amazing, brilliant are not the right words I would use to describe this guy. His hands are pure magic, 110 % passionate about what he does. Jamie certainly knows how to read your body. I will definitely be a regular visitor when in Manchester on work. I would suggest anyone considering booking to do so you wont be disappointed. A handsome caring guy with a great body.

Nigel – 12/02/19 – 5 Star rating – Excellent

Fantastic sensual massage by the large very toned Jamie. Excellent professional set up with heated massage table. I will certainly be returning.

Greg – 09/02/19 – 5 Star plus rating

Jamie has a great set up, heated massage table, mood lighting under the massage table to start with. He will ease you into the massage and help to make them aches and pains go away. I`d STRONGLY recommend the 90 minute option, that way you will appreciate the body experience. Will I be booking again ?? …. For sure !!!

Jay and Sam – 04/02/19 – 5 Star rating

I treated my partner and I to a double massage with Jamie. Jamie explained that this would be done on a double bed which would be laid out with towels, candles, mood lighting, soft music and done with warm oils. We arrived and Jamie led us to the spare room to change. We went for the Sensual Naturist Massage which was very sensual and therapeutic and Jamie connected with each of our bodies. He is a very polite handsome man and his photographs don’t do him justice. We both slept like babies that night. Value for money and we are already looking at our schedule as to when we can book our next appointment. Highly recommended and one not to be missed!!

Matthew – 1st Feb 2019 – 5 Star rating – one not to be missed!

Wow, I visited Jamie today and I guarantee it will not be my last time. This guy has a wonderful body ( just look at his gallery) and reads your body like a book. Every nerve ending and muscle is saying “OMG” and it is four hours since and I`m still totally chilled yet tingling all over. Thank you Jamie, your fantastic masseur.

Jack – Jan 2019

Jamie was very welcoming and his home warm and professional setting one would expect: apparatus, soothing music, towels, showering facilities etc. Jamie worked his magic making every muscle feel relaxed. He was able to indicate muscle areas for further therapy and readily accepted feedback about what was needed for the follow up session. Could not recommend Jamie highly enough.

Sam – 12/01/19 – 5 Star rating – WOW

I wasn’t going to write a review. Jamie is one of Manchester`s best kept secrets in the massage world. His site is clear, crisp and his booking site easy to use. His massage room and welcoming smile puts you at ease from the start. Great techniques, a nice body and fantastic touch and I really relaxed
as part of my sensual massage. Jamie takes the massage experience to another level. I cannot wait for my next visit. Thank you Jamie.

John – 10/01/19 – 5 Star rating

I paid my first visit to Jamie this week and this wont be my last. He welcomed me with a friendly smile before leading me to his spare room to get changed into a towel before welcoming me to the massage table. The therapy room is lovely and clean, relaxing with lovely soft music playing to create a
relaxing atmosphere.. Jamie certainly has magic hands and left me feeling relaxed
and rejuvenated. This an experience not to be missed.

Dan – 07/01/19 – 5 star rating

Jamie settles your nerves and puts you at ease. His massage skills are exceptional and soothe those aching muscles and find all the right spots. A really really enjoyable experience.

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