Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a full body massage using a variation of rubbing, kneading, stroking, tapping, and gliding movements working over your body from head to toe to work away the tensions of everyday life. For this massage we use special blend of essential oils. This is 45 minutes of pure relaxation with your body will feel soothed, relaxed, refreshed and regenerated following 45 minutes of pure relaxation, with a good night’s sleep on the cards.

This is the classic massage and is mainly for pure relaxation. Your masseur will apply firm pressure to the areas of the body where there is more muscle. Less pressure will be applied to skeletal or sensitive areas. The techniques used in a Swedish Massage form the moves used in the other massages offered.

A Swedish massage is good starter for a first timer who has never had a massage

Your masseur will wear shorts or briefs and a towel will be provided to place across your modesty.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£50 for 45 minutes

Home visits or Hotel Call
£80 for 45 minutes

Not got an hour for a full massage then why not try out our Express Service, give us a call/text to check our availability.