Couples Massage

Ever fancied a Couples Massage with your partner by your side? Why not treat your loved one for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or one of them Date nights that are becoming popular in society today. Why not share the experience with your loved one or someone special ? Massaged as you lay together in harmony. Take a shower together to experience the same euphoric. relaxed feeling prior to starting the massage.

You will be invited to lay together on a double bed covered in soft towels, with mood lighting, relaxing music playing, lay back and relax and feel the warm oil over your bodies as you enjoy the experience of your Couples Massage together.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£120 for 60 minutes
£170 for 90 minutes

Home visits or Hotel Call
£150 for 60 minutes
£200 for 90 minutes

Introducing in 2023 the 4 handed Couples Experience 

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Please contact us for availability as we will need to book this out in the diary.

Want to make it extra special for your loved one and add some special touches to the booking add rose petals, chocolates or a glass of bubbly after your massage for a small charge.