Pamper and Bubbles Massage

Pamper and Bubbles takes your massage experience to another level. This massage experience isn’t offered at any of your normal spa retreats.

Take a shower with your masseur, feel his hands glide over your body in the warm water of the shower as he soaps you from head to toe massaging your body as he goes or maybe you choose to add the exfoliation scrub to this to remove the dead skin cells from your body, which ever you choose this will prepare you for the close-up and personal experience in the hot tub.

Your masseur will towel you off before slipping a robe and slippers on to lead you to the hot tub.

Both of you will immerse into the hot tub and you will lay back and relax in the arms of your masseur feeling his torso and strong arms around your body. The warm bubbles of the hot tub relaxing your body fully before you are led back inside to the heated massage table for the massage of your choice. The ultimate in massage experience something not offered anywhere else in Manchester or the Northwest.

Pamper & Bubbles Rates
Treatment Room Visit

£35.00 for 15 minutes on top of a 60-minute massage
£70.00 for 30 minutes on top of a 90-minute massage

You can add a body scrub for additional £15.00 on top of the price

If you choose to add as part of the one hour four-handed massages this will be £70.00 for 15 minutes or £140.00 for 30 minutes with both your masseurs joining, you in the hot tub.

Pamper and Bubbles is not and must be booked as part of a massage and is not available separately