Lingam Massage

A Lingam massage is a massage of the penis, the perineum (the area between the scrotum and bum), the testicles and the G spot.  You masseur will ask you to lay back, place a pillar under your legs and ask you to totally surrender yourself over to pleasure. You will feel sensations as your penis is massaged that you have never felt before even during masturbating or having sex. It is also possible to achieve multiple orgasms with a Lingam massage. You will feel your masseur caress the head of the penis, the penis shaft, scrotums, and perineum before moving back up to the head which is the most sensitive part of the penis. You will feel the vibrating wand over the scrotums and head of the penis and shaft before sliding inside your bum. If you feel you are going to ejaculate let your masseur know and he will change the stroking techniques.  When you can’t hold back any longer the massage will come to an explosive ending.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£35 for 30 minutes

Home visits or Hotel Call
£60 for 30 minutes

Why not add that extra excitement to this massage by being blindfolded at the beginning by your masseur. Then undressed slowly before being led to the therapy room. You masseur will then tie your hands and feet to the massage table with satin restraints (think Fifty Shades of Grey), feel his stubble as it glides over your nipples and body before caressing your groin area with the vibrating wand bringing the whole experience to an explosive climax.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£60 for 30 minutes

Why not add one of the extras to your massage?

Before your massage starts do you want to remove them dead skin cells from your
body. Let your masseur exfoliate your body with a full all over body scrub with a loafer and body scrub in the shower with you.

Your masseur can be naked for this or wear trunks please confirm which you prefer when making the booking.

At the end of the massage would you like your face to feel all fresh and clean? Then why not book a hot flannel facial to finish the pamper session off.

Body Scrubs – £15.00
Hot Flannel Facial – £5.00

Want to add that extra little bit of relaxation to your massage? For an £10 extra why not add a hot stone treatment into your appointment. If required, please book as an extra when booking.