Deluxe Sensual Massage

The Deluxe Sensual massage takes the Sensual Naturist Massage to the next level. This massage starts with your masseur blind folding you and slowly undresses you before leading you into the massage room and laying you on the table. Blindfolded throughout the massage this will heighten the sensuality of the massage. You will feel a feather tickler and leather tassels stroke and touch your body before feeling
the hands of your masseur. Your masseur will run his hands down over your body erotically before sliding between your buttocks and legs and on his way back up your body his stubble will glide over your skin. His toned body will glide over yours –taking your bodily senses to another level. When you are turned over your hands and feet will be restrained by satin restraints (think Fifty Shades of Grey) and then you`ll feel your masseurs stubble glide down the inside of your arms down over your nipples and body before caressing your groin area with the vibrating wand bringing the whole experience to an explosive climax. The deluxe sensual massage is one not for the faint hearted and one not to be missed.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£80 for 60 minutes
£110 for 90 minutes

Jamie and Jay take the Deluxe Sensual Massage to a whole new level

This one will blow your mind as Jamie and Jay undress you and tantalise your body with their hands.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit only
£200 for 60 minutes
£250 for 90 minutes