Naturist Sensual Massage

A Naturist Sensual massage can combine a mixture of Deep Tissue or Swedish strokes or a mixture of both, please make a note in the comments section on which you would prefer when making your booking. This is one of my most popular massages and allows the client to experience lingam and tantra techniques. The senses heightened as your both naked. You`ll feel your masseur working his way up
your legs and over your back with sensual strokes before starting to massage your back and working down between the buttocks, legs and over the glutes. When turned over on your back your masseur will work your torso, nipples and groin area slowly introducing lingam/scrotum or yoni massage.

This takes a massage to a whole new level !

Please note that both the masseur and the client are naked for this, and that mutual touch is allowed. Please let us know if there are any specific areas you do not wish to be touched.

Massage Rates
Treatment Room Visit
£60 for 60 minutes
£90 for 90 minutes

Home visits or Hotel Call
£80 for 60 minutes
£110 for 90 minutes

Not got an hour for a full massage then why not try out our Express Service, give us a call/text to check our availability.