A face massage

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A face massage helps to preserve a youthful complexion and is rejuvenating. By improving your circulation, it gives your skin a healthy and much desired glow. It reduces tiredness, tension, relaxes taut facial muscles and worry from your face.

Massage for better skin

A regular skin programme is essential to improve skin condition and reduce stress lines. Massage the face on a weekly basis with a oil suitable for your skin type. To give a good and pleasant massage you will need to use relaxed and flowing movements. Using plenty of oil to prevent dragging the skin.

Giving yourself a face massage is the best way to boost your skin condition and tones whilst moisturising. Ensure the face is free from make-up, aftershave and freshen the skin with a few drops of toner. This helps the skin absorb the essential oil.

Prevent damage

It is important to use plenty of oil as facial skin is very delicate, especially around the eyes. The oil will prevent you from “dragging” the fingers over the skin, which can damage elasticity and contribute to lines.