A Prostate Massage

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Ensure you are fully clean before receiving a prostate massage, this can be done by using an anal douche.

The massage will start with a gentle playful touch on the sacred spot, allowing the masseur to relax and excite what may be a tense and apprehensive receiver. The oil will slowly caress the anal opening.

The masseur will apply a liberal amount of quality warm lubrication to the vibrating wand as well as the “rosebud” (the anal opening).

The massage will start with gently, but firmly pressing the “rosebud” with the vibrating wand. Feel as this glides in as you become comfortable with this. By inserting steady and gentle pressure, the masseur will feel the receiver`s rosebud begin to relax and eventually “draw in” the lubricated vibrating wand.

The masseur will now begin the massage in earnest and feel as the wand slides back and forth and vibrates the g spot.