A regular massage will help the following !

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Massage therapy means different things to different people, but overall it is a therapeutic approach to help improve an individual’s well being and health using the hands to manipulate the soft tissues and muscles of the body. This hands on approach also brings about other “feel good” benefits such as intimacy, a state of relaxation and calmness and a feeling of renewed energy and refreshed mind.

Massage benefits an individual on three levels – (1) Physical, (2) Mental, (3) Emotional.

Physical – Stretch, loosen and relax muscle tissue. Improve blood circulation. Move lymph fluid around the body, therefore assisting with any removal of excess waste that accumulate from both exercise and periods of inactivity. Helps with the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the body tissues and cells. Assists with endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer). Bringing relief and promoting natural healing.

Mental – Enables the mind to become much more relaxed, Gives the mind time to de-clutter and think clearly.

Emotional – Helps with a nurturing touch and caring feeling and reduction in anxiety levels.

People of all ages can, and do benefit from regular massage sessions. And many will now ensure that these sessions are planned into their busy lifestyle