After a massage – what to do !

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When your massage comes to an end your masseur will cover your eyes with the towel that your head has been resting on and cover your body with a towel, turning off the lights within the room and you will her him whisper to you to lay there and relax.

He will spray a pleasant fragrance, leaving you to relax and contemplate what you have just experienced whilst he fetches you a bottle of chilled water. On his return he will uncover your eyes and ask you to sit up slowly as you might feel a little lightheaded as your body will be fully relaxed. When your sit up breathe deeply to allow the oxygen to flow around your body and drink the water you have been given to rehydrate your body.

After you leave the Male Masseur in Manchester studio, please make sure you’re not rushing back to work, out on the town or gym, take time to reflect on the way your body feels.  The fresh air will help the oxygen release the toxins that have been recently moved around your body.

Drink plenty of work and stay away from alcohol or caffeine as this will move the blood around the body quickly and prevent the toxins from leaving it naturally.

So, head home, sit back, relax, and feel the benefits of your massage experience. Our clients return regularly as they find that they have more energy when training in the gym, had the best night’s sleep or generally just feel good in themselves.