Am I Too Hairy For A Massage?

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Several times recently I have been asked do you massage hairy guys? The answer is yes, we do!

When having a massage, the amount of body hair you have will not affect the experience of the massage. It will still be a pleasure and relaxing experience.

Today it is common for men to shave, trim or even wax their bodies to give them that smooth look and feel, here at Male Masseur in Manchester are masseurs believe in looking after their bodies by training hard in the gym and are always trimmed for their clients. But if you go for the hairy look, it isn’t an issue for them.

Not matter how hairy you are you can still have a massage. If you are hairy guy, you will find that your masseur will use a little more oil than normal to allow his hands to glide over your body and not pull or tug at the hair causing friction burns.

Being hairy may work to an advantage when being massaged as the nerve endings in the skin may cause these to stand on edge giving a sensual tingling feeling throughout the body. The expression of hairs standing on edge come to mind.

If you prefer the trimmed and manscaped look Male Masseur in Manchester can also add grooming before the massage. Male Masseur in Manchester will soon be offering male waxing – keep your eyes peeled for this.