Aromatherapy for recovering your libido

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The physical relationship you share with your partner may not be solely responsible for the lack of libido.

There is rarely a physical component to problems with libido: the root cause is often emotional or mental. It`s not an uncommon condition and most people will experience a low libido at some point in their lives, which may be caused by factors such as stress, overworked, an insensitive partner or perhaps more deep-seated causes such as fear of intimacy or childhood trauma. Poor lifestyle habits like a low nutrient diet and too much caffeine or alcohol can also contribute to a low libido.

Aromatherapy oils with aphrodisiac properties can help restore sexual urges. A few drops of jasmine or rose oil in an oil burner or vaporiser will create a warm, romantic atmosphere.

Stimulating your libido

You libido can go through phases, so at times in your life you may not feel very sexual. These cycles are quite natural and may be worked on without needing to resort to extreme measures! Go through the likely triggers such as stress levels at work or within a relationship, and think of ways you can enjoy yourself and regain your joie de vivre. It may be that all you need is a change of routine of scene, if the monotony of every day life is leaving you feel cold. Wearing aromatherapy oils can help with this, stimulating your libido blend on your pulse (3 drops basil, rosemary and 4 drops of patchouli), use in the bath or on your pillow at night