Aromatherapy for your Base Chakra

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The Base Chakra is connected to your health and sense of security. Blockages in this area can lower your interest in sex or your sex drive itself, cause you to feel lethargic or susceptibility to illness. When over-active, this Chakra encourages antisocial behaviour and selfishness. You should keep your base Chakra balanced to prevent this, for the happiness and for the well-being of yourself and others.  Fresh and woody oils activate the Base Chakra when it is blocked or under active, oils which are antiseptic help and antidote it when it is over-active.

Base Chakra healing

Massage around the base of the spine is probably the best method of using oils around the Base Chakra, although inhalation is another good way to stimulate and antidote the energy centre.

These oils are good for the Base Chakra:

Cedarwood – an aphrodisiac, avoid during pregnancy

Peppermint – a cooling oil that helps to stimulate the Base Chakra – again during pregnancy

Patchouli – improves with age and another aphrodisiac

Eucalyptus – the properties cool and refresh the Base Chakra