Aromatherapy oils to boost energy and healing

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Aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy oils to boost energy and healing

If your feeling feeling tired and lethargic aromatherapy oils can lift your mood and boosting your energy levels.

We often think of aromatherapy as something to help us relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Many oils can work just as well to get you moving in a morning or revive tired muscles and a flagging mind in the middle of the day.

Quick to the point

Clear, fresh scents are best for waking up and giving you a burst of energy, and these are most effective when mixed with cold water, for example, in cold showers or compresses.

Scented candles or incense sticks can fill your home with zesty uplifting aromas.

  • To stimulate the mind – Lemon, orange, peppermint, pathchouli
  • To stimulate the body – Tea tree, rosemary, rose
  • To stimulate emotions – Bergamot, pine, sandalwood

Peppermint – Folklore and magic

  • The Ancient Greeks and Romans recognised the beneficial effects of peppermint and used it to relieve colds, fevers, headaches and stomach complaints.
  • Peppermints strong , clean odour led to the belief that it was a good purifier. Often used to rub walls, floors and furniture to purify an area and seal it from negativity.
  • In medieval times peppermint was thought to “make the heart of man rejoice”. Bedrooms were strewn with mint leaves to encourage pleasure. Fragrant leaves were often placed under pillows to encourage good dreams

Healing with Lemon Oil

Sharp, invigorating lemon oil aids bacteria, oily skin and fatigue. Its potent properties help stimulate the immune system.

The zest of lemon oil with citrus refreshing smell. Gives a feeling of well being and health, raises the spirits, stimulates the body and cleanses the home. Lemon is a versatile oil that easily mixes with other essential oils and gives a lift to heavier aromas.

Boost your circulation

Lemon boosts our immune system, helps the body`s defences fight off diseases. An rewarding heart tonic, helps to boost circulation and helps to reduce high blood pressure. Its de-toxifying action can relieve acid stomachs and stimulate the digestion.

Most lemon oil is a by-product of lemons in the food industry. The best quality lemon oil is that extracted from the peel by hand.

Healing with geranium

The fragrance of Geranium oil is an oil used for the relaxing actions on the body and mind.

The sweet, fresh floral scent of geranium oil with its fruity and minty undertones makes it a fragrant addition to massage and bathing blends. Mixing well with lots of other oils, enhances the scents of bergamot, lavender, rose, sandalwood and neroli. To gain the full potency of the oil this is taken from the leaves of the plant before it flowers.

Versatile treatments

Geranium is a valuable oil for treating anxiety, frustration and depression. Its uplifting action helps dispel fears, feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. A healing oil which is harmonising and comforting. Geranium is also energising and relaxing. It imparts an aura of stability

Rosemary’s active ingredients

Rosemary oil has the following chemical constituents.


Rosemary contains chemicals know as flavonoids and diterpenes, which promotes fat breakdown and reduce the cellular damage that leads to ageing. Flavonoids also improve circulation, especially to the scalp, promoting healthy hair and good memory.


Rosemary oil hosts camphor, this acts as a stimulant that increases the body heat in cold, tense and joints that are arthritic.


This is a mild pain reliever and stimulant. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can relax and ease sore and aching muscles.

The small leaves of the rosemary bush can be dried out and used in teas and herbal remedies.

Improve circulation with Rosemary solution

Rosemary oil prevents bad circulation by increasing the blood flow around the body.


Rosemary has a warming effect which works especially well cleaning phlegm, catarrh from the head and chest and for combating upper respiratory ailments.


If you suffer from cellulite, massage oil over the affected area. This will assist in breaking down fatty deposits, and new ones developing.


Rosemary can help ease stiffness in the body caused by fluid retention in muscles and soft tissues, improving such conditions as rheumatism and infections such as flu.

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