Want a male massage?

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When looking to book a massage with a male there is nothing to feel ashamed, shy or nervous about or even having feelings of curiosity. Here at Male Massage in Manchester we have a range of straight, married (male/male and … Continued

Lingam Massage – The Sacred Spot

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During the Lingam massage your masseur will massage your sacred spot. This is the area between the anus and the testicles about the size of a pea or slightly larger. You will feel a gentle small inward movement, this may … Continued

What is a Lingam Massage?

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A pillow covered with a towel will be placed under the hips. With the knees bent and the legs spread slightly apart and the genitals freely accessible for the massage. Before the massage starts, both the receiver and giver will … Continued

The Lingam Massage

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The “Wand of Light” is offered used to describe the male sexual organ, Lingam being the Sanskrit word for this. The Lingam is often honoured and viewed as this in Sacred Sexuality or Tantra and channels much pleasure and creative … Continued

Emergency Services Discount

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Our Emergency Services do an amazing tireless and stressful job with long hours which can cause tension, a build up of muscle pain and stresses within the body. To keep that body in pain free and able to keep you … Continued