Benefits of Tantra

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Many people ask what is Tantra and what can I expect to get from it? Tantra is a spiritual awakening , achieved through meditation, meditative sexual union with another person/s and mindful eating.

Relaying heavily on touch according to ancient writings on Tantra brings ever lasting love. Tantra works on energy, the yin and yang opposites meeting and unite with each other.

The bodily senses are caressed and produce energy flows throughout. Yin energy gives total relaxation found in any spa but within a Tantra massage you get both relaxing (Yin) and the stimulation energies (Yang) The combination of these two energies will bring the receiver to complete peace and completeness.

Tantra and Orgasm

Tantra is not about sexual pleasure or climaxing being the main goal. The stimulation and relaxing energies may be produced without even touching the genitals. As energy flow can rest in lots of parts of the body. Tantra doesn’t have to include the sexual organs as some may choose to have his/her organs reunited with the rest of their body, usually encouraged within couples.