Benefits to being naked for a Massage!

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Being naked for your massage lets you feel free and relaxed. Most men will worry about getting an erection or aroused during a massage, don’t worry this is most common as your muscles being manipulated.

Clothing can obstruct and get in the way whilst massaging the body, which may cause stress to you and instead of relaxing and feeling the fully benefit of the massage.

Clothing can get in the way of a full body massage and may get covered in oil so being naked is completely natural and this allows your Masseur to work your body fully with ease or restriction, massaging your glutes, lower back and buttocks. Why not ask your masseur to join in being naked, this is known as a Naturism massage. This will draw a closer bond between the client and masseur.

A complete feeling of liberation can be achieved by stripping down, don’t feel that being naked is unacceptable or socially wrong. A lot of clients who visit me are into Naturism which is something I will be writing about in future blogs.