Booking a massage

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Book a massage

Booking a massage

When booking a massage therapist it is important to be a conscious consumer.  Do your research and thoroughly read their website, understand what they offer and read any reviews that they have had.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as:

  • What qualifications do you have?
  • How many sessions do you think I will need?
  • What is the cost per sessions?
  • Can you tailor make the session to my requirements?

Any skilled therapist will have many various techniques they can use and adapt for a client’s individual needs. Massage is safe and suitable for people of all ages. Whether your looking for stress relief or have a specific health condition.

Nervous, have questions about your appointment or can’t decide which massage to choose? So why not pick up the phone for a chat before making your booking. The therapist can find out a little about you and what you are looking from your appointment. You can discuss any experiences you have liked in the past and what you would like from your session. No question is sill and don’t be shy. Therapists are not easily shocked they will have heard it all before. A quick chat over the phone can make all that difference and the awkwardness when you first you arrive. If you call and the therapist does not answer leave a message as they may be busy with another client.

A male client recently said he books a male masseur over a female because a male knows how to apply the right pressure to the body. It has been said that we have magic hands and give one of the best massages received in Manchester. Don’t take our word for it check out our reviews to see what our clients are saying.

Which massage should I choose? Well, it all depends on what you want from it.

One question many people ask is how long should I book a massage for? Most people book 60 minutes for their first appointment. This is 30 minutes on the back and then 30 minutes on the front. Allowing enough time for your therapist to relax the daily stresses and ease your muscles. They will then usually book a 90 minute session on their next visit. Most clients find that in a 60 minute session they are just starting to enjoy when the session is over. Please feel free to let your therapist know when booking any specific areas that need concentrating on.

Always fancied a massage but you don’t have an hour to spare. Why not book an Express Service (30 minutes available on a Swedish, Naturist Sensual or Body to Body massage – Therapy Room only – NO outcallssorry.) Please contact us via text/whats app to check our availability. The price for these are half of the hourly rate of each service. When making these bookings we need to book out the diary and require an email to do so. This allows us to confirm the booking back to you with directions.

Some of the FAQ`s when someone is enquiring about a massage.

  • Where are you based? We are based in M11 4JF just near the Etihad Stadium
  • Is there parking? Yes, outside the house on the road,
  • Are there shower facilities? Yes, there are, and you need to inform when booking as this are factored into your appointment.
  • Are you naked? Yes, in the naturist sensual and body to body, if you wish me to be naked in the Swedish there is a £10 charge on top of the massage price – please make a note in the comments when booking.
  • Can I touch? You can touch in the naturist sensual and body to body massage
  • What if I get an erection? This is nothing to be embarrassed about this is a common occurrence and occurs when touched by another person.
  • Are you discreet? Yes, this is a fully discreet service, and no details are shared with 3rd parties or discussed with anyone else.

Understanding what a massage is!

Massage is the kneading and rubbing of joints and muscles in your body with the elbows and hands to ease and release pain and tension.

The strokes and pressure can range from lighter to deeper dependant on what the client requires.

How regular should I book a massage?

A question asked by many clients is how often should they book a massage? This can depend on several factors, your mental and physical strength, your levels of stress, your work patterns and budget.

Once a week will help keep your muscle tissue in good form and flexible, and once a month will help maintain the health of the tissue.

Although the above question will be dependent on your schedule, budget and requirements of your body.

Are you stressed with life? Busy with work? Need some time out to yourself?  Is the massage for pure relaxation, or do you have any specific muscular concerns? Want to just lay back and enjoy the massage or do you just want some mutual contact? Need sometime for yourself so why not book a massage

As a therapist we are always learning from other therapists in the massage world.