Can you get addicted to Male Massage?

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Many straight men spend large amounts of money on erotic massages and gay men are no different. Erotic massages are taken to allow us to shut off from the real world. Taking time out from our busy lives and allow us to rejuvenate.  A person may use massage to avoid facing a personal problem head on. If the problem gets worse, the person may become dependant on massage to take them away from the real world.

People do this with pornography, sex, food (heard the term comfort eating). These are all ok in themselves.  But taking something to hide yourself away from a problem is an addition.

Are you addicted?

Worried you may be addicted to male massage? This is not something your Dr can solve.  Read the checklist and see if you need further help.

  • How often do you visit a male masseur? An addiction means behaviours that last a length of time
  • Attempted to stop visiting male masseurs? An addictive behaviour also includes relapses.
  • Has this had negative consequences? A relationship breakdown, not enough money to live etc.
  • Have you tried stopping after negative consequences, but you can`t?

Well, if you answer “yes” to any of these you could have an addition to male massage. Firstly, look to seek some counselling. I haven’t heard of anyone getting addicted to any of my services, but perhaps I could help by refusing your booking.

Just like an addiction to drugs, video games and coffee you can come addicted to male massages. So if getting a male massage is a regular occurrence and becoming an addiction seek help.