Do you have performance anxiety?

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The fear of performance or performance anxiety is offered experienced by many men, this sexual problem can cause anxiety in your sexual performance with the immediate flow of thoughts and sexual feelings.  The fear of your sexual performance, or the fear of not stepping up to what your partner expects, may affect sexual encounters in many ways.

If you suffer anxiety from your sexual performance this can prevent you from having sexual encounters, sexual dysfunction, lowered self-esteem, and relationship discord. If you are aware of performance anxiety as any human being would be you will become less involved in the sexual act, bringing on the failure you are thinking about.

As the partner that is anxious worries about how they can be sexually spontaneous and responsive, she or he will focus on all the loving making detail. One partner may notice how the other`s breathing becomes rapid, maybe considering a change of position is needed, or is there an erection present and is extra lubrication needed. Sexual action is dissected so that enjoyment is almost impossible. Any encounters that continue this way will become unfulfilling for one of them or even worse for both.

The next sexual encounter will be scared with this anxiety and with this memory in your mind will often result in sexual activity being put off or lack of it occurring. This could result in one of the couple thinking that this is some form of being rejected. To avoid rejecting your partner, support them in a way that helps them feel less guilty about being inadequate and to feel they are more in control.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can develop amongst many men as they worry of performance anxiety. Losing an erection at an inappropriate time or not getting an erection is a common occurrence amongst men of any age. This could occur due to temporary stresses (such as being tired, too much alcohol or being unwell), could also occur through lack of privacy, tension, of nervousness in a new relationship. If a man gets upset by his failure to perform or take this in his stride, he could come up against difficulties in his sexual performance in the future by worrying about his ability to step up to the mark.

Worrying about your sexual performance will more than likely put a downer on your sexual arousal and cause you to lose your erection. These fears will lead to you having the ability to get or maintain an erection. If this continues for a long period will lead to loss of self-esteem or lead to an avoidance of sex.

Woman as well as men worry about sexual performance, whether the physical response of the speed in which the vagina lubricates or with a man how is erection is attained, or for how long it remains. Anxiety can be reflected on a much bigger scale on a person`s sexual response, such as tenderness, sensitivity, how much passion and intimacy one feels towards their partner. A person that has no problems apparently in the physical and emotional side of sexual responsiveness may be worrying about the perception of inappropriate or inadequate sexual performance.

The Taoist and Tantric beliefs are to take natural approach to dealing with and overcoming performance issues. The aim of Tantric love is not about maintaining an erection or achieving an orgasm. Pressure is not put on you to “achieve”. A Tantric experience is enjoying and seeking pleasurable feelings, which can be achieved and maintained without a full erection through arousal. Each partner is more than capable of stimulating and pleasuring the other in several ways, without the need to focus on an orgasm. It is important in Tantra that the two relate to each other. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog in the future on Tantra explaining about this.