Do you need to be body confident for a one on one body massage

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one on one body massage

A one on one body massage is sensual, seductive, and soothing. Giving you all the elements, you need to worship your temple of a body. While 1on1 is extremely popular all around the world. Many are very reluctant and nervous to book this service based on having the confidence on how their body looks. With today’s fast-growing social media more men than ever before have issues with their body image. The million-dollar question do you have to be body confident to have a one on one body massage?

While your man boobs, beer belly and hairy back have you feeling more like King Kong than Zac Efron. There is no rule where written to say your not the right shape for a one on one massage.

To begin, your masseur will ask you to take off your clothes and to position yourself on the massage table. Feeling the warmth of the oil as the masseur gently kneads, caresses your body. Making you feel instantly empowered and at ease as you feel new wave of confidence comes over your body. This prepares you for the more erotic and sensual bits to come.

Due to the ever-increasing social media posts and readily porn available more men than ever are starting to worry how they look naked. Many men are unhappy with the size of their manhood. No matter what shape, girth, or length your penis is your masseur will use a variation of techniques to make you feel like the king of the world. Recent research shows men that have regular orgasms are more positive and confident in all aspects of their life. Look no further and book a 1on1 to build your body confidence. So, having learnt that body confidence is no way essential to enjoy a one on one body massage, it can however boost confidence and self-esteem in all areas of your life. No matter what shape, size your physique (and intimate zones are) this should not stop you getting a naked massage, remember your masseur will over the years seem many bodies of different shapes and sizes.

A all over massage is a style of erotic massage which is very sensual and intimate. Using both his hands and body the masseur will rub against your naked torso. Creating a sensual pleasure and relieve any muscular pain or tension you are feeling as well as helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Many people assume that the only benefit a one on one body massage offers is sexual pleasure, recent studies show that they are like traditional massage styles, which means that they offer the same benefits with a little extra twist.

A full body massage slows your body and mind down so that you feel a sense of relaxation. Serotonin increase and helps to reduce any anxiety or other affects such as shakes, shivers and increased heart rate.

A one on one body massage will help with releasing any joint and muscle tension you may have; it can also relieve pain. People who suffer from migraines, sports injuries, arthritis, upper and lower back pain often seek a one on one body massage.

With close body to body and skin to skin and the intimacy caused the brain releases endorphins chemicals with are the body’s natural form of pain relief.

Your brain will release serotonin which is said to reduce feeling of depression you may be having.

This is not a cure for this illness. But many people had said it acts as a coping mechanism or at least lessens it. In a time when someone is feeling confused or lost people find massage comforting, relaxing and always them to feel a sense of connection.

An all over massage is extremely relaxing, it is known to get your blood to flow better and slow your heart rate down. As you feel the masseur glide against your torso you`ll start to feel warmer. Your circulation will get better in turn improving your blood flow. Which at the end will leave your skin glowing and feeling much healthier

Improves sleep

A one on one massage releases all the larger muscles in the  body, helping the body to feel at ease and settle down which is good when you are wanting to get a good nights sleep. This type of massage therapy has been known for improving people’s sleeping patterns. It also help them feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards.