The does and don’ts during a massage and aftercare.

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does an don'ts of massage

The does and don’ts during a massage and aftercare

Our clients ask us what are the does and don’ts during a massage. Do you offer any aftercare tips following a massage?

Firstly you should relax and get yourself comfortable. During the massage your masseur moves the relevant body part that they are working on. It may be necessary to adjust this for ease and he will discuss with you before doing so. Please let me know if there is any part of the body you have difficulty with movement.

During the appointment many clients just clear their minds, lay back and switch off from the world. You may want to talk at the beginning before drifting of into your own world. This is your time, the decisions are all yours, we will do as you require. We play relaxing music to help you relax and unwind. Make massage part of your regular well- being routine.

Sure, if you’d like to talk go right ahead. Remember this is your treatment and all about you relaxing and enjoying the experience. Therapists may discourage you from talking. Most people like to start off with talking and as the massage moves on, enter a quieter state of mind.

Speak up if there something your masseur is doing that you do not like or doesn’t feel right. Dependant on the time of the year you may be feeling too warm or feeling too cool. Ask if you want the lighting adjusting or if you want the pressure changing on certain parts of the body. If something is not working for you – speak up and let me know

One of the first question clients ask is what are your boundaries? It is important for you as the paying customer to know what the boundaries are and vice versa. This will help you can then understand what your limitations are. You may have visited several therapists over the years and each of them will have different boundaries. Each client may have differing views and expectations so for this reason it is best to clarify.

It is not uncommon when being massaged by a male therapist to become aroused or turned on. Men may get an erections and women aroused these are both a natural reactions. You are paying for the time, and you should enjoy the whole experienced. Many clients ask can I touch during the Sensual Naturist and Body to Body Massage? You are free to touch your masseur in both these massages.

Some clients simply lay back, enjoy the pampering, and relax, some clients feel that relaxed that they fall asleep.

SWEDISH MASSAGE is NON SENSUAL and your therapist will wear shorts or underwear during this. You may wish to be naked to allow them to work all the areas of your body without restrictions. We make every effort NOT TO INCLUDE contact with the genitals. You may still get aroused when the body is in a complete state of relaxation.

Two of the most popular treatments we offer are the BODY TO BODY OR SENSUAL NATURIST MASSAGE. The masseur is also naked for these massages. Including a Lingam massage for the gentlemen and a Yoni massage for the ladies. We would recommend a minimum of a 1.5 hour for either of these. An hour can feel a little rushed and you are just feeling the benefit as it`s coming to an end. One lady said that she could get a “non sensual massage anywhere”. I am looking for a sensual with a yoni massage.

Ladies – This is your time and the experience and is all about what you like. Many of you will normally being making your partner happy and not for filling your needs. Before attending your appointment decide what you want from the session. Then be sure to let your therapist know and he will do his very best to help you. It is all about what you want from the massage!

Men – Remember this is not a treatment with a female therapist. Feel free to completely relax, there is no need to worry about an erection. Most men will not have had male-to-male touch and some may have had a drunken play with mates when younger. Others may just be curious to see another man`s penis and the ability to touch it. Many men are curious about a prostrate massage and have dreamt what this feels like? Decide what you want from the massage before making the appointment.

Couples Massage  You as the couple need to decide what you want from the experience. You will need to consider, the following. Does the man get pleasure from seeing his partner being massaged by another male? Does the partner get pleasure knowing that their partner is watching? Ask yourselves how each of you will feel seeing each other naked in front of another party? Many ask how I will feel if it arouses the male “bi-curious” side in me? Most men will experience an erection – will that be embarrassing, fun, or will this be a problem or cause jealousy.

A lot of guys have “bi-tendencies” but would never admit it to their partners or themselves. However if the lady/male sees her/his man getting aroused and says something like “I’d love to watch you”. For same sex couples you both need to feel comfortable and know what you both want to from the massage.

Please talk to each other about the above before booking your appointment. Decide what you both want and set out your boundaries and share with your therapist at the booking stage.

Making sure you prepare yourself before your session is a key step. Ensuring you go to the next level of relaxation. A massage session helps take away any stresses and strains of everyday life. Make sure you take away what you want from it until your next session.

During your massage keep your mind and body relaxed and calm. Speak to you therapist beforehand and explain if you have any allergies or medical conditions. Tell him what you are expecting to get from the massage.

At the end of the massage your eyes will be covered with the towel your head has been resting on. Your body will be covered with a towel. The lights will be turned off and you will hear your masseur whisper to you to lay there and relax. A spray a pleasant fragrance will be sprayed in the air. You will be left to relax and contemplate what you have just experienced. You masseur will fetch you a bottle of chilled water.

Your massage session can be as short as 30 minutes if you have not got long enough for 60 minutes. A 90 minute booking is the perfect time to feel completely relaxed.

After you massage

On his return your therapist will uncover your eyes and ask you to sit up slowly as may feel a little light headed. Breathe deeply and slowly to allow the oxygen to flow around your body. Drink the water to aid rehydrate your body.

Once your massage session is over, here a few things you should do:

  • Rehydrate your body by drinking plenty of water.
  • Take a nice warm bath.
  • Relax with some nice soft music and candles.
  • Eat a light meal.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you.

To release the toxins from your body and to prevent soreness you need to drink plenty of water which will flush these. You make feel some soreness in the first 24 hours after having a deep tissue massage, this is common.

After you leave the Male Masseur in Manchester studio, please make sure you’re not rushing back to work, out on the town or gym, take time to reflect on the way your body feels. When you get outside in the fresh air this will help the oxygen release any toxins that have been recently moved around your body.

Drink plenty of work and stay away from alcohol or caffeine as this will move the blood around the body quickly and prevent the toxins from leaving it naturally.

So, head home, sit back, relax, and feel the benefits of your massage experience.

Our clients return regularly as they find that they have more energy when training in the gym, have had the best night’s sleep or generally just feel good in themselves.

There is no other way to relax your mind and body than with a regular massage. Your therapist will ensure that you are on cloud nine during the massage and that you are still floating on that plane long after the appointment.

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