Erotic and Sensual Massage

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Erotic sensual massage

Erotic and Sensual Massage

We all enjoy being pampered! Having a massage is one of life’s little luxuries. The feeling of being in a safe pair of hands as they glide across your body. Massaging all the knots and tension that have built up during the week in work. No better way to ease the stress and tension that has built up.

A popular way today to destress is to have an Erotic or Sensual massage. However the average person will shy away from this with the stigma that comes with it. Erotic massage stems from an ancient tradition over thousands of years that people have used to feel pampered and relaxed. In Ancient China or during the Roman times, this was how many of the elite of them societies would relax.

Try something new

A standard massage the whole body will be massaged releasing tension and relaxing the receiver. For most people, this is everything they could wish for. Just the idea of being more intimate and erotic could not be further from their thoughts. But for others, the thought of more than a standard massage is very appealing.  Being taken to another level and knowing that you are in a pair of safe hands. Being pampered and treated like you have never been before, you can see why this attracts many people.

An erotic or sensual massage takes the massage to another level of pleasure. Sexual pleasure by a masseur can be seen by many as a no-go area.  This can be scary or enticing for many. There is nothing unsafe or dangerous in having a sensual massage. Know the boundaries of it when making the booking. Your booking is confidential and between you and your therapist. Hygiene is a big part of a sensual massage. You should arrive showered or request a shower before the start.

A sensual or erotic massage takes you to a different level of pleasure. There is no danger to your health, and it is about being pampered like you have never been before. Relax, lay back and be taken to places you have never been taken. Always inform your therapist if there is something you are not comfortable with.

What to expect from one

If you do not have a partner you can feel sexual frustrated, self-gratification or casual sex is not everyone`s cup of tea. A sensual or erotic massage is for the more discerning amongst us and those that know what they want and want to explore their sexuality further.  Although this can be exciting it can also be scary for someone if it is their first time.

Laying on a table being caressed with warm oil brings every area of the body a wake to the pleasure it is experiencing. With your eyes shut and soft sensual music playing you can feel the sensations as they flow through the body with each stroke the hands are making.

As you feel the hands moving towards the erotic areas of the body, the ideal of intimate touch whilst your laid there relaxed and there is nothing you have to do is feeling you will not forget for some time. Embarrassed or the feeling of nervousness can be associated with a sexual encounter. Let them thoughts go out the window.

Lay back and enjoy!

Sensual or Erotic Massage is for both men and women

A sensual massage is not just for a man, a woman can also have a life changing experience with a yoni massage. Most women have never experienced the touch from someone that fully understands the sensations and workings the vagina has to offer.

A yoni (vagina) massage is much more than sexual pleasure, laying back and feeling the sensual touch on the lips of the vagina has health benefits and can be life changing. Giving her a new understanding of herself and it also gives her the opportunity to explore her sexuality.

A sensual massage can also be something to share with your loved one. Some therapists offer a couple’s massage. This is where one of you are massaged while the other watches and learns the strokes and techniques from the therapist, seeing your body react to them and the enjoyment received. This can be a sexual turn on for some couples as the partner is being pleasured by another as they watch. It could also be where both of you are laid on a double bed and the therapist works on you both at the same time. Now that is something else!

More and more people are starting to book a sensual massage experience, as it is no longer a taboo subject.

A guide to an erotic sensual massage

On google searching for an erotic/sensual massage and feeling nervous about booking one? You will not be the first to feel like that. Around 75% of men feel nervous before booking their first appointment. This guide is here to help put you at ease.

Never feel embarrassed for making a booking

Do not feel embarrassed about booking your erotic/sensual massage with your masseur, feel free to share any requests you may have, fetishes or desires you may have, nothing will shock your masseur as they will have heard everything before. Want to know what the boundaries are speak with the masseur when booking.

Body hang-ups on your mind?

Most men who seek an erotic/sensual massage tend to be over a certain age, and feel their bodies are past it.  Do not worry if you have a beer belly, man boobs or a hairy back (add a grooming session onto your booking), do not let this stop you as most masseurs will have seen this all before. The erotic/sensual massage come from Ancient Tantra practices which preaches that the body of a male is a temple and is there to be worshipped. Having a physique with ripped muscles and a tan does not make you in anyway superior to anyone else.

A lot of men worry about the size of their manhood

Most of us worry about the size of our manhood thinking we are not big enough down below. A masseur will have seen many different colours, sizes, and shaped manhood’s during his lifetime as a therapist. Tantra teaches us the penis (Lingam) is the part of a male body that is the most sacred, and it is given respect by the masseur. Your masseur is not going to snigger or pay you any less attention if you are on the smaller side!

Do I have to be naked from the start?

Not if you want to be. Ask your masseur to gradually remove your clothes.

Worried about any problems you may have down below?

Some clients are put off by booking an erotic/sensual massage as they may suffer from a poor sexual stamina, erectile dysfunction, or even premature ejaculation. An erotic/sensual massage can overcome these with regular session and your masseur will enjoy helping you put your sexual performance back on track.

You may find it daunting to get naked from the start if your masseur if gym fit or toned. Most clients will get naked from the start, but this is not essential. Your masseur will provide a towel for you to wear into the therapy room which will be placed over your middle to hide your modesty.