Foot Massage

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The feet are very sensitive and responsive parts of the body, as recognised by many complementary therapies such as Shiatsu and Reflexology. Massaging the feet cleanses and energises the internal organs, improves mental and physical performance and has a relaxing effect. It also helps soften the skin, easing any cracked or rough areas.

Massage product

Talcum powder, creams and oils can all be used for a foot massage, but the feet actually are easy to treat without any of these.

An aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way to improve the blood supply to the feet, relieving stress as it does so. The feet should be cleansed in warm water and appropriate oil chosen:

  • Peppermint – for its cooling effect
  • Rosemary – to ease aches and pains
  • Lavender – to relax
  • Tea tree – to refresh