Getting started with Reiki

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The therapist before any Reiki session will take time to sense were energy is needed and to even out the patient`s aura.

Establishing the problem

When a patient is feeling out of sorts, the problem may not lie in the most obvious part of the body. For instance, an ache in one area may be caused by a trapped nerve or energy blockage in another.

Sensing energy changes

Reiki therapist can sense where the problem lies by feeling subtle changes in Reiki energy. By running their hands along the receiver`s body from head to toe, they or the receiver may feel one or more of the following sensations:


The healer may feel their hands being drawn towards a specific area suggesting where healing is needed.


The healer may feel their hands are being pushed away from the body. This usually indicates a long-standing problem needing attention.


The healer can often sense the flow of the Reiki energy and can let themselves “go with the flow” easing it along.


The hands will feel warmer over sections of where Reiki energy is needed the most.


Areas where energy is blocked will feel colder, drawing attention to where healing is required.


A feel of tingling over the affected area may be felt by the healer. The strength of the tingling can indicate the severity of the problem.


Pain can indicate a build of energy – sharp pain indicates energy starting to dissipate.