Healing with Lemon Oil

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Sharp, invigorating lemon oil aids bacteria, oily skin and fatigue. Its potent properties help stimulate the immune system.

The zest of lemon oil with citrus refreshing smell. Gives a feeling of well being and health, raises the spirits, stimulates the body and cleanses the home. Lemon is a versatile oil that easily mixes with other essential oils and gives a lift to heavier aromas.

Boost your circulation

Lemon boosts our immune system, helps the body`s defences fight off diseases. An rewarding heart tonic, helps to boost circulation and helps to reduce high blood pressure. Its de-toxifying action can relieve acid stomachs and stimulate the digestion.

Most lemon oil is a by-product of lemons in the food industry. The best quality lemon oil is that extracted from the peel by hand.