How regular should I have a massage?

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I am asked by many clients how often should they book a massage? This can depend on several factors, your mental and physical strength, your levels of stress, your work patterns and budget.

A regular massage will help provide you with several health benefits, including improved lymphatic and blood circulation, easing muscle pain, and relax state of mind.

A massage will assist with muscle pain and calm your nervous system and offer a stress-free balanced lifestyle, making your life healthier and more comfortable.

Understanding what a massage is!

Massage is the kneading and rubbing of joints and muscles in your body with the elbows and hands to ease and release pain and tension.

The strokes and pressure can range from lighter to deeper dependant on what the client requires.

How regular should I book a massage?

Once a week will help keep your muscle tissue in good form and flexible, and once a month will help maintain the health of the tissue.

Although the above question will be dependent on your schedule, budget and requirements of your body.