Lingam massage

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Lingam Massage

Lingam massage

A Lingam massage is a massage of the male sexual organ. The word Lingam (the male sexual organ) means ’’Wand of light’’. Lingam being the Sanskrit word for this. In sacred sexuality the lingam is viewed with honour and respect. It is seen as a giver of both creative energy and pleasure. The aim of this massage is not to achieve ejaculation. If you feel to need to do so it is a total natural occurrence. This massage involves massaging the lingam (penile shaft), the scrotums, the perineum and the prostate also known as the sacred spot. This process is very sensual allowing the male client to totally surrender himself to pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. To feel the benefit of this massage. Both the masseur and receiver must feel relaxed during the process and totally connected.

The Lingam is often honoured and viewed as this in Sacred Sexuality or Tantra and channels much pleasure and creative energy

It is a common myth that an orgasm is the goal of a Lingam massage. It isn’t and can be a welcome and pleasant side effect. The aim is to massage the Wand of Light, perineum, the sacred spot (prostate) and testicles, permitting the man to give into a form or pleasure that he may have not experienced before.

Both the masseur and receiver should be comfortable with each other and relax into the whole Lingam massage experience.

A man needs to learn to receive and relax. The Lingam massage allows the receiver to get in touch with his softer and receptive side. Experiencing a non-traditional perspective from pleasure that he may not be accustomed too.

What is a Lingam Massage?

You masseur will place a pillow under the hips. With the knees bent and the legs spread slightly apart and the genitals freely accessible for the massage. Before the massage starts, both the receiver and giver will begin with deep relaxing breathing. Gentle strokes to the thighs, chest, legs and nipples to help the receiver relax. Keep reminding the receiver to breath deeply and lay back and relax.

Warm oil will be cover the testicles and the shaft of the Lingam. The masseur will slowly start to caress the testicles, please let your him know if there is any pain in this sensitive area. The movement will move to area above the Lingam known as the public bone and back down to perineum, the area between the anus and testicles. The shaft of the Lingam will have varied moves of speed and pressure and slow squeezing movements from the base up and down.

Slowly massage the head of the Lingam massaging around the head and shaft. In the Lingam there are many nerve endings which correspond to other parts within the body. From time to time the Lingam may or may not go soft, there is no concern at any point if you go hard. Softness and hardness come with the two ends of any Lingam experience.

The goal is not to achieve an orgasm. If you feel you are going to ejaculate let your giver know and he will move away from the shaft allowing it to soften before carrying on. The art of ejaculatory mastery is an art any man can master just by backing off on the stimulation, done by deep breathing. This in the future will allow you to make love longer with multi-orgasms without losing any semen.

The sacred spot

During the Lingam massage your masseur will massage your sacred spot. This is the area between the anus and the testicles about the size of a pea or slightly larger. You will feel a gentle small inward movement, this may be uncomfortable to start with. Breath deeply as your masseur works and softens this area. This will increase your master ejaculatory and orgasm control.

During this process your Lingam will be caressed as the sacred spot is being massaged. The finger can also be replaced with a vibrating wand to add an extra sensation.

When you are close to ejaculation you will feel the masseur push on your sacred spot. You may feel some strong emotions as your masseur accesses your sacred spot this is completely natural. The masseur is creating a place of intimacy and trust with you.

With the massage coming to an end you will feel the hands of the masseur leave you and you will be covered with a towel, just lay back and relax and take in all the experiences you have felt.