Male types of orgasm

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There is nothing better than the feeling of an orgasm. Our brain goes into overdrive, as we experience erotic feelings and thoughts, our toes curl and legs shake with excitement. We may think that every orgasm is the same (some are much more powerful). There are five different types of male orgasms.

The Ejaculation Orgasm

The ejaculation orgasm, most known as the “standard one” and the one most men become familiar with as they start to self-masturbate. This orgasm can also be achieved by penetration and orally as well. So, let us look how we achieve an ejaculation orgasm! When a guy is stimulated orally or by himself, he gains an erection, with both sides of the penis filling with blood (known as the corpora). The penis grows in size and shape. The scrotums become tight and the penis becomes hard.The prostate gland and pelvic floor muscles contract when the male reaches the point of climax causing him to ejaculate. When a guy ejaculates this is usually 5 per cent sperm and 95 per cent fluid. This orgasm is what a guy will experience as part of a Lingam massage.

Full Body Orgasm

A full body orgasm is as exactly as it suggests, taking your whole body into a full state of pleasure. This can be experienced with a one on one body massage or tantric massage. To achieve a whole-body orgasm, the therapist will stimulate your g spot with a prostate massager, caress your upper body and thighs whilst gliding on top of you. A whole-body orgasm does not mean the end of the massage like the ejaculation orgasm and can often be done in the middle of the appointment.

Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms will come with practice, as they say practice makes perfect. Having regular erotic massages will heighten the chance of achieving multiple orgasms. Your first orgasm that you will experience is an ejaculation orgasm. Your therapist will then break from these sexual techniques and swop to Swedish massage strokes allowing the body to recover and get ready for round two. Most guys are not able to produce semen the second time round, however it does not stop “the feel good” hormone oxytocin rushing to the brain. Feeling adventurous then why not go for round three?

A Pelvic Orgasm

This orgasm is most commonly achieved during a Tantric Massage with a technique commonly referred to as edging. The masseur will start with areas of the body that are less sensitive (neck, shoulders and back) before slowly working to your inner and upper thigh and finally your erogenous zone. When he can see you are reaching the point of no return, he will move his hands to other parts of the body before repeating the action. Building up the intensity pleasure giving the most amazing orgasm EVER.

The Prostate Orgasm

Not many men realise that the prostate gland is the G spot of his body. If this is stimulated, you can achieve a flurry of orgasms. These orgasms are only usually achieved as part of a prostate massage. This starts with an all over body massage to relax and unwind you physical and mentally. One your masseur feels you are completely relaxed he will slide a prostate massager in and slowly caress your prostate gland. This will feel like nothing you have felt before, producing an extremely height point of climax. Expect your whole body to shake when experiencing a prostate orgasm.