Massage for gym goers

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Massage for gym goers

Many gym goers or sports men/woman out there have a regular massage booked into their busy schedule. To benefit from a massage, you`ll need to see your therapist on a regular basis. Seeing a masseur occasionally will certainly relieve stress and tension. However seeing one monthly or weekly will improve physical strength/performance,  and speed up the recovery process following training.

Do I hear you ask should I have before or after training?

A massage helps loosen your muscles and relax and hand in hand comes tiredness with that. A pre-work out massage will warm your muscles in a safe and controlled way. It will help change your mindset and improve the quality of your workout. Stretching before a workout doesn’t always hit the muscles you want to train. This will make the session more productive and reduce the risk of injury.

Having a massage after a workout also has many benefits. Many sports men/women have a sport massage to aid recover and reduce the build-up of lactic acid in stretched muscles. It is important to book this as early as possible after your workout to prevent DOMs setting in (delayed onset muscle soreness).

What is a Sports massage?

As the names suggest, this massage is for sports injury and recovery. A good sports massage can help you get back on track after an injury, reduce the risk of re-injury, aid recovery and flexibility.

A Sports or Swedish deep tissue massage is just the answer to ease them aching muscles and is great for keeping you supple, flexible and in a healthier place generally. Would you like the massage to concentrate on specific areas of the body? Then let your therapist know when making your booking. Today a lot of therapists use a sports massage gun to get deeper into the muscle and troubled spots.

This type of massage isn’t always going to be pleasant or relaxing as areas that are being worked on are knotted or tender.

A number of gym goers or professional sports people book in for a regular massage asking just to concentrate on specific areas for instance, full back and shoulders, glutes and calves, we tailor the appointment to your specific requests.

Speak to our therapist and look at the best programme for you, we are happy to look at a series of appointments at a reduced price to aid with your training recovery.