Massage for specific areas of the body

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Massage for specific areas of the body

Massage for specific areas of the body

Massages are available for specific areas of the body as are full body massages. Individual areas can be face, arms, legs and feet to name a few.

 A Face Massage

A face massage helps to preserve a youthful complexion and is rejuvenating. By improving your circulation, it gives your skin a healthy and much desired glow. It reduces tiredness, tension, relaxes taut facial muscles and worry from your face.

Massage for better skin

A regular skin programme is essential to improve skin condition and reduce stress lines. Massage the face on a weekly basis with a oil suitable for your skin type. To give a good and pleasant massage you will need to use relaxed and flowing movements. Using plenty of oil to prevent dragging the skin.

Giving yourself a face massage is the best way to boost your skin condition and tones whilst moisturising. Ensure the face is free from make-up, aftershave and freshen the skin with a few drops of toner. This helps the skin absorb the essential oil.

Prevent damage

It is important to use plenty of oil as facial skin is very delicate, especially around the eyes. The oil will prevent you from “dragging” the fingers over the skin, which can damage elasticity and contribute to lines

Leg Massages

Most people take the health of their legs for granted, but they need as much care as the rest of the body. Regular massage ensure they stay strong and toned.

We exercise, walk, run, stand, and generally live on our legs, yet rarely look after them until they hurt, become swollen or tired. Regular massage increases the circulation of nutrient rich blood in the legs, keeping them strong and healthy.

By encouraging good circulation and lymph flow, leg massage can reduce fluid retention and swelling around the ankles and prevent varicose veins and broken capillaries. Massage also prevents the legs from becoming stiff and sore after exercise, by removing lactic acid that has built up in the muscles.

Massaging the thighs helps eliminate toxins, improving appearance and tone. Brushing strokes on the inside of the leg lightly towards the groin supports lymphatic drainage and boosts the circulation of blood

Foot Massage

The feet are very sensitive and responsive parts of the body, as recognised by many complementary therapies such as Shiatsu and Reflexology. Massaging the feet cleanses and energises the internal organs, improves mental and physical performance and has a relaxing effect. It also helps soften the skin, easing any cracked or rough areas.

Massage products

Talcum powder, creams and oils can all be used for a foot massage, but the feet actually are easy to treat without any of these.

An aromatherapy massage is a wonderful way to improve the blood supply to the feet, relieving stress as it does so. The feet should be cleansed in warm water and appropriate oil chosen:

  • Peppermint – for its cooling effect
  • Rosemary – to ease aches and pains
  • Lavender – to relax
  • Tea tree – to refresh

Arm Massage

An arm massage can provide a relaxing introduction to a complete body massage or may be performed in insolation.

The arms are prone to holding tension, so a relaxing arm massage is a good way to relieve this. It is also an excellent addition to any stress-relieving shoulder massage. Arm massage is similar in approach to a leg massage, with strokes adapted slightly for the upper and lower part of each limb.

Specialised strokes

When working on the lower arms, the main massage stroke you will use is effleurage, which you can also combine with gentle, circular movement to loosen and relax the muscles.

Support the arm as you work each of the muscles, gradually tracing your way from the wrist to the upper arm. The arm muscles may seem delicate at first, but you will find that you can actually use quite firm strokes.

Improving muscle tone

On the more muscular upper parts of the arms, there is generally enough flesh to use some petrissage and tapotement movements. These can help tone muscles as well as reduce muscular tension.

Apart from providing a warm-up or final relaxation for any massage, arm massage benefits the body in a number of ways:

Vary your strokes depending on whether your aim is to tone muscle, ease tension or improve circulation.


Helps boost blood flow around the body, bathing all the tissues in nutrient-rich blood.

Joint mobility

Manipulation of the joint helps improve their mobility – a useful therapy for arthritis and rheumatism.

Lymphatic system

Helps remove waste products from the tissues by boosting the flow of the lymph around the body.

Muscle tone

Improves tone and appearance of the arms


Relieves tension.

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