Men, Masturbation and what turns you on?

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Men and masturbation

Men and Masturbation

Most guys would say they enjoy a good masturbation session after a stressful day at work. While there wrong or right way to how you do it, there a few things you could learn to improve the orgasm and experience.

Most of men use a masturbation session as a release when we have the hangover horn or after as stressful day in work. While all of us know how to masturbate and happy with our technique there are always improve the session and pleasure.

Some common mistakes who guys make! Below are a few things we commonly do that stop us getting maximum pleasure!

Beat the boy to hard!

Most of us guys will beat the meat hard and fast to get it over with. Although this may feel like a good plan at the time this can prevent you from enjoying the pleasure and come and bite you later down the line when having sex. There would be nothing more embarrassing that last a few seconds in the bedroom with your partner. So instead of trying to orgasm in a few quick strokes let the action happen naturally and see the results in your sexual performance in bed.

Using the same technique every time

Always used the same technique. This can be boring and mundane and result in a masturbation session failing, so bring in some new techniques from time to time.

Today this can be achieved by introducing a sex toy such as a vibrating wand, fleshlight or battery-operated masturbator. If this isn’t for you takes some deep breaths or slow the strokes down. Alternating between fast and slow strokes and stroking of the scrotums will enhance the experience.

It’s not all about shooting your load

When you masturbate, you don’t always have to ejaculate? This will build your stamina up and each time you masturbate postpone your climax. This may sound hard to do but be assured by delating the orgasm you won’t be disappointed with the effect.

Using lube

Most of you guys wouldn’t even thing about using lube to masturbate. What most of you won’t know that this will heighten the sensation making the orgasm more intense.

Wear a condom!

Giving the who experience a different feel with a smooth feeling instead of just feeling the skin of your penis and just think there is no cleaning up at the end.

Incorporate the rest of the body!

When we are masturbating most of us just stroke our meat, but the body has lots of erogenous zone so why not introduce them into your routine, rub the nipples or tweak them, play with the balls it’s just finding what you enjoy.

What turns you on?

Are you the one of those people that gets turned on by a man in a suit? Or maybe a guy in a jock and harness? Get turned on by a man in a nice pair of underwear? Like a guy in a Hi-Viz and boots? Or a guy in trainers and socks (football, white or black ones)?

Well, we can offer subject to your masseur to start in one of required outfits and slip out of it during the massage to reveal your toned muscular masseur.

Your ultimate fantasy lived out for you by you masseur. Or if you have a fantasy, you would like your masseur to live out then why not chat to him before you make your booking and see if he can assist you with bringing this to reality.

This will all depend on the individual masseur and the items of gear he may have. This service will charged accordingly.